Best Explainer Video Software to Use in 2021


Animation is not as easy as it seems – after all, it must combine creative flexibility and freedom of use, as well as the speed of achieving results. So, let’s look at ways to automate the artist’s work, speeding up the creative process, while not limiting the creator, but on the contrary, allowing to expand the standard capabilities and please the artist from doing what he loves.

Best Explainer Video Software to Use in 2021

As a rule, the explainer video maker helps us. Consider a list of cool programs. We note right away that the programs in the report can be conditionally divided into three groups – shareware, programs with a trial period of use, and paid ones. The third option is the most functional, because in this case you have support, but before making a choice it is always better to look around, perhaps you will find something of your own.

1. Daz3D

Between basic and advanced programs, we place Daz3D, an animation program that can be one of the most versatile of its kind.

On the one hand, you can create animated figures of people or creatures using a catalog of pre-designed models that will serve as a base. The app even works with additional plugins like Genesis 8, Hexagon and Daz Studios for realistic designs.

For this reason, Daz3D can be used both for creating video or shape animations for video games, as well as for creating high-quality illustrations and vectors. With the quick motion option, you can customize the directions and type of animation you want for your designs.

It also comes with a catalog of tools for various utilities.

2. Motionbuilder

Directly from Autodesk labs, MotionBuilder is one of the best software for creating computer-generated animation with the highest quality required for various types of projects.

From making movies and cartoons to creating incredible characters for your video games. The software runs on a frame system, so animation goes hand in hand in a traditional style with some recent elements.

For example, MotionBuilder has a simple interface very similar to that of a video editor. Hence, you can cut and paste frames to change the animation, except this time the changes will be smooth and adapted to the previous movement.

Of course, this app comes with its own toolbox, which includes a real-time rendering system to help you get professional work done in record time with a super-flexible interface.

3. Cinema 4D

Used by professional film and video animators, Cinema 4D is a very cool solution. It also allows you to create unique explain videos to advertise your products or services.

This will allow you to animate the screen using your mouse as a motion indicator. It also works with a real-time change screen, which will show you any effect or texture change as soon as it’s done.

Another great thing about Cinema 4D is that you can use a real camera for real movements, so the program takes care of capturing them and adapting them to the animated system.

4. iClone

iClone is a proposal that specializes in modeling the figures of people or creatures, no matter how many limbs you decide to use. To do this, you have a templates folder and you can customize your design to your liking.

In the later workspace, you will have your character’s shape, and there you can add textures, give it colors and define the motion of the animation, since it is even compatible with external hardware such as the Kinect.

In this sense, iClone works with a range of work tools that you can adapt to your needs. With some of them you can compare real movements with digital ones, balance and choose the most smooth ones.

In addition, it is one of the animation programs that is used to model all kinds of shapes in 3D, such as trees, cars, animals and an entire ecosystem of shapes, ideal for creating various animations.

5. Blender

Among the most professional and fully featured applications you can download, Blender is your first choice. It is software capable of creating all kinds of 3D shapes and models, including people, animals, objects, and even skeleton animations.

The best part is that it can perfectly animate liquids, clouds, smoke, fire, earth, plants and various elements of nature with precision and precision comparable only to professional animators.

The choice is only yours. For example, if you need to create a cryptocurrency animation, then go through all the programs and decide where it will be most convenient to do this.


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