How to Prevent Gum Disease: Top 3 Professional Recommendations


As a kid, you probably heard it regularly that you need to care for your teeth more. You thought nothing of it at the time because as a kid, you feel invincible, but as time goes on, you realize your parents and your dentist were right – you need to care more about your oral hygiene. Taking care of the mouth and your teeth is an important thing to practice in your daily life.

How to Prevent Gum Disease - Top 3 Professional Recommendations

It doesn’t take much for your teeth, your tongue, and your gums to become damaged from lifestyle habits, diet, or lack of proper care, but it’s also easy to maintain your oral health if you commit to it on a daily basis. If you need help on preventing gum disease, and keeping your dental hygiene top-notch in a general sense, then check out these 3 professional recommendations.

1. Brush and Floss Regularly and Properly

None of the tips here will surprise you, but what is surprising is how few people actually follow these requirements. Leading Townsville dentists explain that brushing and flossing regularly is one that everyone should do, while flossing may be less common, brushing is the bare minimum you can do for your gums to prevent diseases like gingivitis. It’s also important to brush properly, which means about 30-45 seconds per set of teeth, brushing the front, tops, and backs of each set, and flossing thoroughly. Brush 2-3 times a day too and don’t forget to massage the gums gently upwards with the toothbrush bristles.

2. Visit the Dentist for Cleanings

You don’t need to see the dentist that often during the year, as most people in Virginia go once annually. It doesn’t hurt to commit to bi-annual cleanings too, usually six months apart. If you’re a busy bee or just worried about making an appointment, this dentist in Virginia Beach shows how the dental practice is making it easier for everyone to get in. Your dentist should have a site where you can even make online appointments, which is important during these strange times. Regardless, you should make sure to see your dentist at least once or twice a year for a comprehensive cleaning so they can get a good look at your teeth and tell you what you need to do to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

3. Eat Healthier and Make Better Lifestyle Choices

The last tip that any professional dentist, orthodontist, or periodontist will tell you is that you need to change your lifestyle to make better choices. Eating foods higher in vitamin content (vitamins A, B12, C, D) and lower in sugars and acidic content is going to pay off greatly. You don’t have to ditch alcohol for social gatherings, but choose smarter drinks with less sugary mixes. You should also quit smoking tobacco as this is incredibly harmful to gums and mouth health. Small changes can make a big impact on your dental health and hygiene.

Having a smile that is the talk of the town and mouth health that is the prime example for your dentist to show off is something that everyone should strive for and it’s not hard if you just take those 3 simple recommendations to heart in your daily routine.


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