How to Order Balloons And Flower Bouquets Online in Singapore


When it comes to celebrations, few things beat the joy of receiving a beautiful flower bouquet or arrangement.

Singapore, being the international city it is, has a wide range of online shops that deliver balloons and flower bouquets anywhere in the city-state.

Not sure which shop to choose? Fear not – this guide will show you how to order balloons and flower bouquets online like a pro!

Types of balloon and flower bouquets

There are several options for the type of balloons and flower bouquets available online. Depending on the occasion, you may want to go for a whimsical balloon bouquet or a more traditional design to fit a theme.

There are also several options for the shape of balloons and flower bouquets. For example, you may choose round or square balloons, and we also have an option for balloon arrangements that include additional decorations like ribbon, flowers, etc.

When to choose balloons vs. flower bouquets

Balloons and flower bouquets have a very long tradition as a symbol of happiness and joy. This is why they are often used for weddings, graduation parties, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays.

However, there are other occasions when balloons are less appropriate or even inappropriate – just like they would be if you were to wear one at a funeral! We think that balloon bouquets are the way to go for any other occasion where flowers may not seem appropriate.

How to order a balloon and flower bouquet online

Having tons of options is great – but that can also be a disadvantage if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Because of this, we have prepared some basic information about ordering online for our online shops in Singapore.

Ordering with value-added services

Value-added services, such as the ability to ship your balloon and flower bouquet gift to a restaurant, are convenient for both the sender and receiver. If you order through our website, you can easily send balloon bouquets or flower arrangements to any place in Singapore.

Make sure that you include the following in your order:

  1. Delivery Address – Please include the delivery address as this is needed to complete your order. For example, if you wish to send a balloon bouquet to an office or a hospital, you must enter the physical address of that office or hospital.
  2. Recipient – The person you are sending the flowers to. If you wish to send a balloon and flower bouquet gift to a person, make sure you include that person’s name and their contact details.
  3. Delivery Address – We know it’s okay if you don’t know where your delivery address is located, but please include the delivery address whenever possible.

Tips for choosing the right balloon and flower bouquet

  • The color of the flowers and the balloon is very important. They need to be bright and cheerful to give the receiver a sense of happiness.
  • The size of the balloons is also very important. When selecting a balloon arrangement, make sure you buy balloons that are not too big or too small – otherwise, they may do more harm than good!
  • The best sizes for balloon bouquets are about 65cm up to 75cm or about 25-30 cm for flower bouquets.


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