How to Find Your Kibbe Body Type and Style It


Do you find that you no longer get any joy from your clothes? Do you wish you had a more dramatic change in your own style? The Kibbe system of bodily types is what you’re looking for. This ground-breaking method of fashion analysis will help you choose the best figure-flattering cuts, colors, and styles for your body by considering your individual bone structure and body shape. The Kibbe body type system will help you look great and give you the tools you need to feel strong and in control of your life.

Five Main Kibbe Body Types


These body types have a small, compact appearance, sharp, angular features, and youthful energy. Gamines tend to have a petite frame, narrow shoulders, a small bust, and a short waist.


The romantic body type also has a curvy figure, but it is slightly less pronounced than the theatrical romantic. The waistline is small, and the bust and hips are slightly wider. It is one of the cutest body types.


The classic body type has a balanced and symmetrical appearance, aligned shoulders and hips, and a slightly defined waistline. The facial features are proportional and well-defined. The classic style is timeless and elegant, featuring clean lines and neutral colors like beige, navy, and black.


The dramatic body type features angular and sharp features with elongated limbs and torso. The shoulders are broad, and the waistline is narrow. The face has distinct features like high cheekbones and a prominent jawline.


The natural body type has an athletic, streamlined appearance with a straight shoulder line and little definition at the waist. The facial features are bold and strong, with a prominent bone structure. Clothing that flatters this body type includes loose and comfortable clothing like oversized shirts, cargo pants, and sneakers.

Finding Your Kibbe Body Type

You’ll need to learn the system’s foundational concepts and perform some basic measurements to determine your Kibbe Body type.

Understanding the Kibbe Body Type System

The Kibbe Body type System emphasizes an individual’s skeletal framework, facial characteristics, and general body form. The seven pillars upon which the system rests are a vertical line, curvature, bone structure, facial features, body type, facial characteristics, and essence. Appreciating these elements is the first step in determining your Kibbe Body type.

Taking Measurements

Your Kibbe Body type is based on your height, weight, and bone structure, all of which you should measure. Think about your waist-to-hip ratio, shoulder-to-hip distance, and arm-to-leg length ratio as well. Using these numbers, you can see where you stand among the 13 Kibbe Body types.

Explore Your Kibbe Body Type

Once you take your measurements and other personal components into consideration, you should look at the Kibbe Body type System in order to find which type you are. There are many resources out there that cover each body type in-depth, along with giving examples of which cuts will suit your body best. Kibbe Body Typing has also become popular on TikTok, so you can easily find a video of someone giving advice for your exact type.

Styling Tips for Your Kibbe Body Type

Determining your Kibbe body type is the first step in looking and feeling your best. Once you know your body type, the next step is determining how to dress to accentuate your best assets.

Embrace Your Natural Lines

Knowing your body type lets you learn how to dress to emphasize your best features. If you have a Soft Gamine body type, for instance, you may be advised to dress in a way that emphasizes your curves and makes you look more feminine. But, if you have a Dramatic body type, you should probably stick to more daring, structured designs that draw attention to your sharp angles.

Play With Proportions

Try different looks that draw attention to your waist-to-hip ratio if you have a Romantic body type. If you are a Natural, you’ll need to consider wearing looser, more casual garments. You can find inspiration by browsing through Pinterest, Zac and Rachel clothing, or your favorite clothing outfitter for designs that work well for your kibbe body type.

Choose Colors That Flatter

Once you find out which Kibbe type you are and what lines or cuts look best on you, it’s important to consider the color next. There are various articles, videos, and color tests available to help you find your color type. These color palettes consist of variations of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They also play into whether cool or warm tones work best for you. Knowing your color palette is equally as important as knowing your Kibbe type because both work together to help you look your best.


The ability to dress and present oneself appropriately based on your Kibbe body type is a huge confidence booster. Enhance your attractiveness and boost your self-esteem by playing up your already stunning natural lines and features. Kibbe body type styling isn’t only about improving your appearance; it can also improve your confidence and make you feel more like yourself. So dive in and learn more about your Kibbe body type so you can start expressing your true beauty.


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