Are Orbeez Biodegradable? Why They Are Still Harmful Inspite Degradable?


Playing with those soft gel like colorful soft beads is the best memory from childhood for many of us. We all used to find out ways that helps us to know about how to make orbeez grow faster in size. But have you ever thought of harmful impacts of these water beads. Orbeez are mostly considered as eco-friendly but still they can turn out dangerous as well. Today we will unshroud all the mysteries and fact that are related to Orbeez. You will be able to understand their benefits and drawbacks by the end with best perspective.

Are Orbeez Biodegradable

What are Orbeez?

If you are unmindful about orbeez then they are gel like colorful tiny balls. When water is poured on them these balls imbibe the water and grow in their size many times. How long do orbeez take to grow depends upon the quality you are choosing. Best quality orbeez would not take much time to absorb water and grow bigger in size. These beads are helpful for kids to play and learn colour recognition as primary use. At the same time there are multiple uses of orbeez by people in their own way.

Are Orbeez biodegradable Organically?

One of the major concern that people shows about colorful water beads is that are orbeez biodegradable. This is genuine to throw such questions when these balls looks like they are made up on non-degradable material. Well it is hundred percent sure that orbeez can be degraded organically without any issue. There is no harm of using them or throwing them in the soil.

How to get rid of Orbeez after their use?

One of the major thing that bother many is that how to get rid of orbeez when your kids are done with playing them. You can try different ways to get the orbeez away. For example littering them in garden, rubbish box and many other options are there. It is important that you are not keeping them along you as children may swallow them which can choke their throat. So make sure to dispose these orbeez properly like said before to avoid any misfortunate circumstances.

Since orbeez biodegradable, why they can be still harmful?

This is a fact that and nobody can doubt on orbeez biodegradable feature. Still they are considered harmful in many circumstances. Here is a list of such reasons which justify that orbeez though not harmful can cause serious issues if managed carelessly.

1. Impact of Orbeez on animals, are orbeez toxic to dogs and cats?

If you are not aware of the proper dispose of the water beads they can cause several issues to animal’s health. For example littering these balls in your garden or pot may attract animals. They can confuse it something eatable. As a result of which it can choke their throat or spoil their health inside the stomach also. So those thinking of are orbeez toxic to dogs and cats can find their answer. They are not toxic but harmful if not managed in best way.

2. Side effects of Orbeez to nature, are orbeez bad for environment?

There are many side effects of orbeez to nature as well. If you are thinking that are orbeez bad for environment they we can say yes. They destroy the moisture of atmosphere and cause humidity by absorbing water from air in humid areas. At the same time orbeez if thrown away can choke water streams which cause flood in small villages. So in indirect way we can claim that orbeez can cause harm to our mother nature.

3. Harmful impacts of orbeez without knowing how to dispose of orbeez?

There are many side effects of orbeez if you do not know how to dispose of orbeez actually. These water beads if managed properly are very environmental friendly but with managed in best way only. In opposite situation you can see a lot of mess is being created with these orbeez.

4. Poor disposal of Orbeez may clogs water streams

Like said before if you are throwing the orbeez that are used in water streams it may choke the flow of water. Clogging of water leads to insects like mosquito which indirectly can turn out dangerous. So this is one more side effect we can associate with the use of orbeez and their poor dispose which majority of them adopt.

Best alternatives to dispose off Orbeez than in water

If you are still in limbo that are water beads biodegradableor not you can get the answer in the form of yes. But at the same time there are certain ways to adopt to make these beads degrade rather than throwing them in rivers and waters springs. Instead of littering these balls in water bodies you can make a hole or space in your kitchen garden to keep these beads. You can see they are degrading with time and will vanish a one day.

How long does it take for Orbeez to biodegrade, days or years?

This question corresponds to many that how long does it take for orbeez to biodegrade completely. Well it is going to take enough of time for Orbeez to degrade completely. At the same time we cannot expect that they are going to remain for ages. After couple of years or so you can see they are degrading completely.

So we can reach to a conclusion that orbeez are really environment friendly. They do not cause any harm to nature if managed properly. Adopting to careless behavior and littering these orbeez in water streams is dangerous for water ecosystem. At the same time we have to take care of water beads on soil also. Do use them where animals often graze or live. Choose a safe place like indoor plants are safe to keep these orbeez in well managed place. These are going to retain water in them which is used for the health of your plants also. You can also use for many other ornamentation cause also.


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