How to Achieve a Natural Look with Face Foundation: Tips and Tricks


Have you ever noticed when applying makeup, most people pay little attention to the foundation. Their only emphasis is on applying the foundation quickly before proceeding towards the main makeup products. Can you guess the reason? Well, there’s a popular misconception.

Unless you are a makeup guru, people believe if they use top-quality products and focus on getting the makeup right, nothing else matters. Well, it is quite far from the truth. After all, the foundation is called the foundation because it serves as the base for everything which comes afterwards.

So, stop ignoring the face foundation. Always buy products from reliable stores in your area. A quick Google search can help you not only find the best face foundation in Pakistan but also the reliable stores. For instance, you can read the Google Reviews or rely upon other sources of information.

Before helping you achieve a natural look with face foundation, let’s quickly review its importance.

Why Foundation is Critical to your Makeup Routine?

There are several reasons you should pay extra attention to your face foundation. One reason we already mentioned above. The foundation determines how well the rest of the makeup appears.

The second reason is that if the foundation does not match your skin tone, you cannot achieve a perfect look. The discrepancy between the makeup and your face will be quite apparent.

Not only will it dent your confidence but can invite some unwanted looks or even comments. It can ruin your mood and spoil a perfect day. So, ensure your foundation matches your skin.

Indeed, there are numerous foundations that can qualify as the best foundation in Pakistan. Secondly, with stores such as offering imported makeup products at reasonable prices, it can become challenging to select a foundation.

But don’t worry as we will discuss the top tips and tricks to help you achieve a natural look.

Achieving a Natural Look

Keep this tips and tricks in mind if you wish to achieve a perfect, natural look with your face foundation:

1. Focus on Right Shade

Let us ask you a question. Do you know that your foundation starts oxidising after only 10 minutes of application? Yes or no? Our experience tells us that only makeup enthusiasts or gurus know about the oxidation. Others who use makeup occasionally or due to professional commitments, don’t know about the oxidisation at all.

After applying the foundation, it begins to interact with your skin and the air. This oxidation results in the foundation changing to a darker colour. It is why most people fail to get the right shade when it comes to the foundation. The best way to determine which shade is ideal for your skin is by experimenting around a little bit.

If you have different foundations at home, then apply one in a natural light setting. Let it sit for around ten minutes. If it matches your skin tone despite the oxidisation, then perfect. If not, go for a different foundation. You don’t need to apply the foundation across your face. Instead, apply it on the jawline or a cheek.

2. Skin Type

Another thing which you must keep an eye on is your skin type. You cannot use a foundation which is specifically for dry skin on oily skin. With advancements in technology, manufacturers now make products specific to your skin type. For instance, if you have dry skin, you should limit your foundation to those which have hydrating features.

It will replenish your face with natural oils and give you a refreshing look. If you have dry skin, cream or liquid foundations are your best friends. In the case of oily skin, go for powder matte finish. Use clay masks regularly to remove the excess oil and other impurities from your face.

3. Skin Tone& Undertone

Your skin tone will either be fair, light, medium, tan, or deep. Within each skin tone, there are skin undertones. The skin undertone refers to the natural colour underneath the skin. While the skin colour keeps changing due to the weather or climate, the skin undertone remains the same. How can you determine your skin undertone?

Well, it is quite easy. All you need to do is find a piece of white paper and place it against your skin.You have warm skin undertone if there’s a yellowish glow and a cool tone in case of reddish. Again, you should do this experimenting in a natural light setting for the best results. Otherwise, you may identify your skin undertone incorrectly.

Top brands offer foundations for different skin tones and undertones. All you need to do is find the right one.

4. Take It Easy When Applying

Don’t apply too much foundation if you want to pull off a natural look. Instead, only apply foundation on skin blemishes or areas which you perceive as requiring extra focus. You can then start rubbing the foundation before moving onto the rest of the face. Use your fingers for the best results.

By focusing only on the specific areas, you don’t have to worry about excess foundation.You can then proceed with the rest of the makeup routine. Don’t use mascara as it can give away your natural look. When it comes to lipsticks and other products, use products that blend with your skin.

5. Pre-Foundation Skincare Routine

Don’t forget the pre-foundation skincare routine such as cleansing your face, exfoliating it, or applying the moisturiser and primer. These can help improve your skin condition, removing the need for applying large amount of makeup. Use a clay mask once a week to remove impurities. Apply moisturisers at night to hydrate your skin.

6. Use the Right Tools

Lastly, the tools which you use to apply the products are just as important as the products themselves. So, invest in high quality tools. For a natural look, we recommend using your fingers to apply all the products. Your skin’s warmth can help blend the makeup naturally.


The above tips and tricks can help you pull of a natural look with your foundation. Lastly, only buy products from reliable stores. If you end up with a counterfeit product, it is not only a waste of money but can be damaging to your skin.


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