How Can The Healthcare Industry Improve Security And Workflow?


Everyone needs to work toward better efficiency in the workplace. Now, security for online information and stored company information is also a concern. What if both security and efficiency can be improved with the same strategy? Digital faxing can make company workflow safer and more efficient.

How Can The Healthcare Industry Improve Security And Workflow

Modernizing Information Storage and Workflow

With cyber attacks becoming more common and outdated computer programs causing efficiency problems for many companies, it is important to get help to modernize and protect company business records and communications. Unless there is an IT genius as an employee, it might be worth hiring some professional IT help to modernize the company’s computers and programming systems. One improvement could be installing the mFax Print to Fax driver. This program allows businesses to send a fax from any desktop computer that allows employees to print. There are requirements to use this application.

Improvements For healthcare Businesses and Why They Are Needed

Outdated and limited computer programming and online installations that many healthcare businesses and professionals are using could actually put them in violation of the HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This would be because of compliance oversites and security failures. When some programs are incorrectly used, they may make it easier to obtain and share patient data but cause noncompliance to HIPAA and security threats.

Some causes of these problems involve:

  • Employees using personal devices at work or at home that are not secure.
  • Stakeholders who do not understand how HIPAA guidelines apply to their businesses.
  • Too little training for staff.
  • Improper implementation of the new technologies.
  • Not investing in the right online security measures like anti-virus programs.

It may not seem like a big issue in a busy medical office or clinic until some bad actor attacks the facilities’ online systems locking them down and demanding ransom or stealing patient data. It is of utmost importance to have the most up-to-date security measures in place and train every employee on the proper security protocols. Why are there HIPAA regulations in the health industry?

  1. For the protection and handling of protected health information on patients.
  2. Assisting in the transfer of healthcare records to allow continued health coverage.
  3. Fighting fraud appearing in the healthcare system.
  4. Facilitating standardized information on electronic healthcare information and billing.

Hospital Workflow Improvements

Every level of hospital management must be concerned with improving hospital workflow. They must oversee the high standard of patient care at the same time as improving hospital workflow in a way that helps employees. Because unhappy or overburdened employees and dissatisfied patients don’t help anyone. Achieving secure messaging will give a HIPPA-compliant communications solution that everyone can live with. Replacing outmoded and insecure channels of communication such as voice mail, pagers, e-mail, and fax machines is important.

Outmoded communication tools can delay or inhibit patient care and workflow because of medical personnel playing phone tag when trying to facilitate hospital admissions, obtain lab results, ask for consults with other physicians, or arrange patient transfers or discharges. Improving secure messaging protocols can fine-tune workflow management and eliminate the waste of hospital resources and reduce the number of frustrated medical professionals. They will be able to spend more quality time with their patients.

These communication and workflow improvements can help in the emergency room by letting first responders and emergency medical services contact emergency rooms with information on incoming patients and their immediate needs. It can eliminate admission delays and facilitate the faster evaluation of sick patients and faster treatment.

Secure and efficient messaging can also make patient admissions go faster and improve patient care, resulting in shorter stays and improved outcomes.


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