How to Use Cotton Pads for Periods?


Every woman faces menstruation each month. It occurs when uterine blood and tissue leak into the vagina. This menstruation cycle helps your body prepare for pregnancy every month, which is regulated by the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

The menstrual cycle lasts 28 days on average. However, it can last anywhere from 21 and 35 days. Going through the menstruation cycle is difficult and can affect one’s physical and mental state.

How to Use Cotton Pads for Periods

You have to overcome the pain and mood swings, and maintaining high standards of hygiene is necessary to prevent infections and rashes in the intimate area. Therefore, it is wise to use cotton sanitary pads for your periods in order to maintain hygienic standards.

When using cotton pads for periods, you will feel more at ease and avoid getting any rashes on physical movement. Further, the cotton pads are comprised of natural materials, so they are easily biodegradable.

And following are the most important benefits of cotton pads that you must know before using them.

  • Cotton pads are more breathable than regular sanitary pads.
  • The pads are more comfortable to use.
  • You can decrease your household’s use of plastic by using cotton pads.
  • The pads are devoid of any toxic chemicals or pesticides because they are created from natural substances.
  • Since cotton pads are more absorbent, you can stay stain-free all day long.
  • It protects you from redness and chafing.
  • The pads come with an extra glue grip to keep the pad in place for longer.

There are a lot of options available when it comes to cottony soft pads. However, you must pick the best one and be aware of the proper pad usage. If you are new to cotton pads and confused about using them, here is the best way to use the pads.

How to use cotton pads for periods?

First, choose the best cotton pad according to your size. The sizes typically range from S to XXL. You can purchase the one that fits your body type. Once purchased, you can use it correctly by following the instructions below.

  • Take the pad and peel off the paper covering from the back.
  • Open the pad by stretching it, then stick the gluey side to your underwear. If you’d like, you can change the pad’s posture to suit your comfort.
  • Peel the wrapping off the wings after it has been placed correctly, then wrap it more firmly around your underwear.
  • When the pad is full and wants to be replaced, go to the restroom, wash your hands, and then remove the pad from your underwear.
  • Place the used pad in the trash after gently wrapping it. You can use the plastic wrapper to wrap the soiled pad.
  • Take a new pad and place it on your underwear as instructed before.
  • Once placed correctly, you can wash your hands with soap or any hand wash.

When you are menstruating, you should always keep an extra pad with you in case of need. In order to prevent odor, it is advised to change the pad once every four hours.

When buying cottony soft sanitary pads, it is imperative to look at the brand’s price and range of sizes. To discover the best product depending on your needs when purchasing cotton pads online, it is very important to check customer reviews.

To Conclude

Now, you know how to buy and use cotton pads for periods. The cotton pads provide dryness throughout the entire menstrual cycle. Furthermore, they guard against irritation and rashes. Therefore, utilizing cotton pads will make your period more comfortable.


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