5 Reasons Grand Theft Auto V Is Better Than Red Dead Redemption 2 (And Five Reasons Why It’s Wrong)


Rockstar’s most recent releases, Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, are among the most widely played video games ever. They’re both open-world adventure games, but they vary significantly in one key aspect. The best way to describe this situation is to call it a setting. Many people believe the two games to be relatively equal, yet there are occasions when one is plainly better than the other.

5 Reasons Grand Theft Auto V Is Better Than Red Dead Redemption 2

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Weapons are better

An archer’s recreation is one thing, but launching a rocket launcher at an enemy is quite another. A huge selection of various weapons are available in Grand Theft Auto V.

Graphics are worse

It brings to life the snow-capped peaks, deep woods, western villages and many more locales in the universe of Read Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar seems to be nearing completion. It’s likely that the new game will feature a more visually appealing design than the old one.

Travel is better

Driving at a low pace in a stolen automobile may be amusing at times, but this should not be taken lightly. Movement speed in Grand Theft Auto V is quicker than in Red Dead Redemption. In GTA, players may hail a cab from almost anyplace and travel anywhere they choose. It’s a no-fuss strategy that works. With the advent of fast cars, aircraft, and all the other crazy rides available, GTA V comfortably wins this category.

Side missions are worse

GTA delivers a lot of engaging and exciting tasks, but Red Dead Redemption 2 contains a vast quantity of amazing side missions, featuring intriguing individuals and tales. They also do a terrific job of enabling players to become more engaged in the gaming experience.

Freedom is better

Yes, there are various things that players may undertake in both games. Both sandbox games enable you to enjoy considerable versatility. However, only one of the two is capable of flying across the city’s most congested streets, surviving and engaging in fight with the officers engaged in the explosion. Instead of focusing on completing the game’s goals, many GTA 5 gamers just want to have a good time.

The sandbox is worse

However, there are a slew of intriguing and enthralling aspects that make scuba diving a worthy endeavor. There is a sense of time travel in Red Dead Redemption. Outfits, accents, music and other factors assist the player to immerse oneself in the world of cowboys in 1899.

Casual Appeal is better

In the realm of video games, GTA V is by far the most popular title. Even if Red Dead Redemption is a financial success, it will fall short of Grand Theft Auto V in terms of sales. It doesn’t imply which games are objectively the greatest, but rather which games are the finest.

Music is worse

GTA V features fantastic music. This cannot be contested. On the other side, the audio in Red Dead Redemption 2 is magnificent and may be a major assist in immersing the player. Several of the game’s most memorable sequences are set in a world reminiscent of classic Western fairy tales.

Sandbox Fun is better

The worlds of both games are open, but with GTA V, you may spend as much time as you want in them before and after the game. Get more money, fly aircraft, crash planes, enjoy your hobbies and do what you want. Destroying the game is one of the things you may do in this game, which is a lot of fun since Los Santos can be pretty intriguing.

Characters are worse

Western history is filled with people that are both unique and beautifully written. Every individual is a unique being with his or her own set of objectives and aspirations. More significantly, each individual in the game adds to the appearance and feel of the area by behaving in a manner that reflects the actual world.


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