Discover What’s Next for Your iPhone Or Android


The smartphone market share is slowing down. This is due to regional uncertainty and economic headwinds. In the second quarter of 2022, shipment fell by 9%. Samsung took the largest market share by 21%. Apple was number 2 at 17%, with iPhone 13 maintaining high demand.

There are continuing concerns about production and logistics. There are tightening import laws and shipment delays due to customs procedures. To gain a footing, the companies will have to look at innovations, promotions, and more to get demand up again.

Discover Whats Next for Your iPhone Or Android

We can all agree on the amount of innovation in the smartphone sector. iPhone and Android developers are always rolling out innovations.

Apple, for example, is on track to release iOS 16. The company promises major updates based on customer feedback and other new functionalities. The same applies to Android 13.

With that in mind, let’s look at what you can expect from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The Ongoing Android Versus iPhone Debate

The Google Android and Apple’s iOS debate generates a lot of conversation. There is always the question of which is the better option. If you look at it in market share, Android is leading the pack. It has a solid hold on more than 71.86% of the market. iOS trails behind at 27.49%.

Yet, a deeper exploration shows some aspects that place Android at a disadvantage. A look at Joyofandroid shows some interesting insights about the two operating platforms. In data use, for example, Android is more demanding. Users also don’t get access to frequent updates like in the case of Apple.

The two companies may iron out the kinks with the upcoming innovations. So what can we expect from these smartphone giants?

New iOS Features To Watch Out For

A preview of the iOS 16 Beta at the WWDC 2022 showed some exciting updates. These include:-

● Inclusion of a Battery Percentage Icon

iPhone users with a face ID will now find it easy to know how much battery power they have. Before, they would need to go to the control center for the information.

It is interesting to note that the company opted to leave this out of the previous display. Now, you don’t need to worry about running out of juice at the most inopportune time.

● Customizable Lock Screen

iPhone users will love the new customizable lock screen. There will be significant changes in color schemes, layouts, and quick glance information.

You can personalize the lock screen as you wish with fun effects. And that includes your favorite widgets like weather, fitness, or calendar events. The Live Activities features can let you catch up on sports scores and more.

● Wallpaper

Apple is going all out by providing millions of combinations of wallpaper. The photo shuffle mode will automatically change your lock screen pictures. Other interesting ones include a live weather wallpaper, and interactive wallpaper featuring fluid animations.

● Text Message Recalls

Have you ever sent a text message and wished you could recall it? The reasons for doing so may include typos, wrong recipients, and those embarrassing texts.

Well, Apple has had your silent wish and is including a text recall feature. By using the Undo Send tool, the intended recipient will not be able to read the messages.

Finally, if you have unread messages, you can mark them, so you don’t forget to action them later.

● Vertical Carousel of Notifications

You know how notifications can crowd your lock screen. That will no longer be the case with the vertical carousel presentation feature.

● Safety Check

The safety check will be helpful for people in abusive relationships. You can review or even reset who can access information. Such include location, message, passwords, and iPhone apps.

New Android Features to Watch Out For

Let’s now check out what Android has in store for users in innovations.

● Customizable Features

Google’s Material You on Android 12 was a significant development. It departed from the functional to a more humanistic approach in design elements.

The insights came from looking at individual behaviors. Think about how you customize your lock screen with elements that are dear to you and express your style. These include colors, pictures, fonts, and more.

For Android 13, the company plans to enhance the features further. You will be able to accentuate your color schemes with different variants.

Users can also include supported apps outside of Google with the Themed Icons toggle. The new updates also come with color-theming palettes with complementary or specific shades.

● Multilingual Support for Specific Apps

Another brilliant Android update is the multi-language support for specific apps. Let’s say you’re more comfortable speaking Spanish. You can set that as the primary language for your fitness, banking, or medical apps. That frees you from only using English.

Other language-related upgrades include easier formatting of Japanese text. There is also adaptive line height for non-Latin scripts. These include Tibetan, Tamil, Burmese, and Telugu.

Text autocomplete for phonetic lettering will be easier with inclusion of the text conversion API.

● Lock Screens and Other New Features

    • Lock screen clock: Android 13 will allow you to choose between two clock styles. Users can stick with the standard double-line layout or use a single-line format. The updates will allow you to toggle between the two.
    • Updated player widget: There are some slide design changes to the media area. The album art will command the entire background. The developers have also shifted the media access restrictions.
    • The photo picker feature gives you more control over the media the apps can access.
    • Pre-emptive deleting: the system will delete any information you copy onto your clipboard. This will help avoid the apps getting hold of such, thus better security.
    • Inbuilt fast pair: Users will no longer need to pair nearby accessories manually. The inbuilt fast pair feature sends automatic pairing alerts when it detects the devices.
    • App media file access: Android 13 will need apps to ask for specific media access permission. The previous model gave blanket access to all media if the app sought permission.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at some of the more exciting updates that we can expect in Android and iOS. It is never a dull moment seeing the giants battle it out.


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