Different Types of Coal for Your Hookah


You should be familiar with different coals to ensure the best hookah smoking experience. In addition, knowing their pros and cons is also crucial to make a better choice. Because good quality coal can enhance taste, last longer and produce less ash during hookah sessions.

For your help, we have mentioned the difference between good & poor quality coal and explained its different types. After going through this information, you will be able to buy the right coal for you, whether you use hookah in Dubai or any other location. So, let’s get started.

Difference Between High and Poor Quality Coal


High-quality coal will not produce any bad smell while lighting. On the other hand, while using poor quality coal, you can easily notice the unpleasant smell when it starts to smoke.

If you are using high-quality coal, the tobacco taste will not be altered while smoking. Some good quality coal variants even enhance the taste. But, poor quality coal will add a bad taste to the tobacco.


If the hookah coal is of high quality, less amount of ash is generated while more energy is produced. On the contrary, poor quality coal will produce more ash.
Session Length

Your hookah session will last longer if you use good quality coal. Because it slowly keeps generating heat for a long time. Whereas, poor quality coal will not provide heat for a long time.

Most Used Hookah Coal Types

Quick Light Hookah Coal

This type of coal offers a go-to solution if you smoke shisha in Dubai or any other place. It can start burning instantly with the help of a lighter. For this reason, you can use this coal, when you want to smoke hookah at a place where a burner is unavailable.

However, along with utility, there are some compromises also that you have to make while using quick light coal. It emits an unpleasant smell that can irritate you and negatively impact the hookah smoking experience. Besides, it lasts for a very short time. Afterwards, you need to change the coal again, which can break the flow of your hookah sessions.


  • Quick light charcoal is an instant solution when you don’t have much time to set up a burner and can’t invest time in lighting the coal. It burns instantly, you can start smoking hookah right away.
  • You can carry it with you while travelling or going somewhere. There are several situations like camping, where using quick light coal is the best option.


  • Quick light coal reduces the duration of your hookah sessions. It can ruin your mood if the charcoal runs out in between while smoking hookah. This type of coal is quickly turned into ash and only lasts for a small duration.
  • It adds a bad taste to the tobacco and produces an unpleasant smell while burning. Especially, if you are smoking indoors, the poor smell will create an issue during your hookah session.

Coconut Hookah Coal

This type of coal is made from coconut shells divided into small pieces and given different shapes such as round, cube, flat wedges, etc. It takes a comparatively long time to start burning and a better heat source as well. So, you can’t heat it with a lighter. Instead, you will either require a coil stove, a gas burner, a blow torch, a single-coil burner or similar equipment/setup.

However, it is better than quick light coal in multiple aspects. Firstly, it lasts longer so your hookah sessions will not be interrupted again and again. 2-3 cubes are sufficient for a 1-2 hour hookah smoking session. Secondly, if the coconut coal is of good quality, it won’t produce an unpleasant smell.

Finally, and most importantly, it is cost-effective as well. You will get a lot of cubes in a one-kilogram pack that lasts for a long time. Besides, coconut coal is easily available at online stores and hookah shops in Dubai. If you have ever ordered online hookah in Dubai, you can check if the same store provides coconut coal, and buy it.


  • It is a value-for-money type of coal. Your sessions will last over an hour with the help of just 2-3 cubes. Moreover, the price is also not so high, and the one-kilogram pack will last you for months.
  • You have more control over the heat as coconut coal pieces are small. Heat management becomes simplified as you can try smoking with fewer pieces and eventually add more cubes if required.


  • Coconut coal takes a considerable time to light up, and they don’t burn instantly like quick-light hookah coal. So, if you don’t have enough time for hookah smoking, you should not prefer using coconut coal.
  • It is not possible to use coconut coal in situations when you don’t have access to a proper heating setup, such as a stove burner. Also, burning coconut coal indoors is not a feasible option.


After going through the above information, you can effectively choose the type of coal that is suitable for your usage. Additionally, you will find it easy to differentiate between good and poor quality coal. Accordingly, you can make your buying decision and ensure that your investment in charcoal uplifts your hookah smoking experience. This way, you can get great taste and long-lasting sessions while smoking hookah.


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