Best FREE Streaming Apps in 2022


Streaming apps have become the most common way people enjoy television, movies, and other entertainment content in the modern world. However, many people assume that they cannot afford to enjoy streaming and end up missing out on tons of awesome content. Thankfully, there are tons of amazing, and absolutely free streaming apps out there to enjoy. To get you started, here are the best free streaming apps in 2022:

Best FREE Streaming Apps in 2022


Tubi is by far the most content-packed free streaming service available in 2022. Not only are there thousands upon thousands of television and films to access, but the content is fully free as long as you’re willing to watch ads. Tubi also refreshes and cycles its content frequently, keeping it a fresh place to look for new content or an old favorite that you’ve been wanting to rewatch. If you want to unlock extra features on Tubi and avoid ads, the service can be fully unlocked for a small monthly fee, so be sure to check out Tubi once you finish reading this article, and add it to the features built into your smart devices in your home.


IMDB is now owned by Amazon, and that acquisition has come with a few perks for both the business and its customers. One of those perks is the impressive IMDBtv streaming service. There is an intense amount of absolutely free (with ads) content, from old TV shows to modern. Heroes, Schitt’s Creek, Desperate Housewives, and many other highly popular TV shows are built into the service. More impressively, however, is the simply massive library of classic films that you can enjoy on IMDBtv. Cinephiles should love this app, and you can even integrate IMDBtv into your own IMDB account to maximize the experience.


One of the most unique streaming services out there, Kodi allows you to access a ton of options for gaming, movies, storing media files, and a lot more. This hybrid-style app allows you to have a single place to enjoy streaming movies and television while enjoying all of your other entertainment options as well. This is a must-have app for those who want to be on the cutting edge of streaming services.


Crackle is one of the oldest streaming apps around and has almost always been completely free to use. If you’re looking to enjoy a service that’s optimized its content over the years, and that has an often unique spread of content to enjoy, go no further than good ol’ Crackle. Crackle even creates its own original content and quality content at that. Major stars like Bryan Cranston, Martin Freeman, and other huge names have been creating content for Crackle over the last decade. Unlike the majority of services on this list, Crackle does not require users to sign up to enjoy its content, so be sure to check it out soon.


While Vudu is best known for its rental services, there is also a fairly large library of free to watch (with ads) movies and television to enjoy on the app. Since Vudu is owned by Wal-Mart, they have access to a large range of content, and many of the free-to-watch movies are from the last two decades. Downloading Vudu is worth it simply to have a solid place to rent new films, including early-access films that are still in theaters. If you’re tired of going to theaters, and also want to access a lot of free content, Vudu is sure to provide you with many, many hours of free entertainment.

While YouTube is best known for its hosting of videos from literally billions of users, there are also free movies and television you can enjoy built into the platform. These typically require you to watch ads, but there is content that’s completely ad-free as well. By adding on YouTube RED, you can enjoy even more content, and access all of YouTube RED’s original content as well. However, the price for YouTube RED is still a bit high for what it offers, so many readers will likely want to stick with the content you can enjoy on YouTube without spending any money at all.

Steam Your Favorites Now

With these free options, you’ll be sure to find some amazing movies and television to watch. If you have been looking to rewatch one of your old favorites, one of these free apps is sure to have what you’re looking for. The variety of services and content these choices offer is hard to overstate, so begin combing through them today.


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