5 Reasons to Consult an Emergency Dentist in Tarzana


A dental emergency always erupts without any hint of warning. If there is one thing that constantly strikes out of the blue, it’s got to be dental emergencies that will almost and always arise at the worst possible moment. A dentist will comprehend the helplessness of a patient being in agony and not knowing what to do next at such a vital moment.

5 Reasons to Consult an Emergency Dentist in Tarzana

If you are in Tarzana, CA, you must always contact an emergency dentist Tarzana if something goes wrong with your dental health. A professional emergency dentist will always make time in their plan for people with immediate dental needs and great pain requiring close attention.

Here are the five most painful phases in your life when you are advised to consult an emergency dentist in Tarzana.

1. Loss of Tooth

A patient for medical assistance has probably knocked out a tooth in a certain way. Whenever a tooth is broken, either due to a sports injury, fall, or infection, the patient becomes a prospect for urgent dental treatment. A tooth can be quickly restored to the socket in some instances, but only if it is performed within an hour and a half.

2. An Unbearable Toothache

A persistent and excruciatingly painful toothache that interferes with your capacity to think effectively is a medical emergency that must be treated right away. This type of discomfort means you’re at threat of losing a tooth to rotting or infection, and it’s a need for immediate attention to save the tooth.

3. Bleeding and Swollen Gums

Though minor gum sensitivity is not always a dental emergency, bleeding gums, especially if combined with ache and inflammation, might suggest an unresolved dental or physical problem. It is not natural to have heavy bleeding in gums without a known reason. If you have any of these indications, you need to call and consult an emergency dentist in Tarzanaas quickly as possible.

4. An Unnatural Swelling in the Jaw or Your Mouth

If your mouth or jaw starts getting swollen for no apparent purpose, it’s necessary to see an emergency dentist for rapid treatment. You might have an infection, inflammation of your lymph glands, or another issue that has to be handled very quickly.

5. Nerve Exposure

Exposed nerves are a painful sensation that can only worsen if you do not see your doctor right away. Consider emergency dental care as quickly as possible to avoid abscesses, more nerve damage, or more severe dental surgeries later on.

In any of these circumstances, contact an emergency dentist in Tarzana as quickly as possible. You can alleviate discomfort and inflammation by using over-the-counter pain medicines and applying cold compresses to and off your face at 15-minute intervals.

If you have a badly broken tooth, ask the help of any family member or friend to notify the dentist and accompany you. Keep in mind to place your tooth in the cheek pocket or below your tongue to safeguard the tooth. Do not contact the root and immerse the tooth in a jar of saliva or milk and carry it with you.


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