6 Ways a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Protect You


Medical malpractice cases are often tough and grueling when you’re seeking fair compensation. Many hospitals will attempt to pay you off quickly, but their offer could be well below what you’re entitled to based on your case. A medical malpractice lawyer can ensure you get what you’re entitled to, and they can protect you in numerous ways throughout your case.

6 Ways a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Protect You

1. They Can Prove Negligence

If you don’t have a lawyer, then it can often be hard to prove negligence. If you’re dealing with medical negligence, then you need someone to help build a case for you. This isn’t easy to do on your own, and you won’t often be taken as seriously as a lawyer would be. People may think you’re irrational due to your illness or injuries, and they may claim you’re acting based on your emotions.

Lawyers aren’t biased when they’re building your case, so the other parties involved can be sure they can trust this attorney. A good medical malpractice lawyer in Kansas City will be able to stay emotionally distanced from the case while doing everything they can to ensure justice is served. This keeps you protected from unfair claims against your character.

2. They Can Defend You Against Hospital Lawyers

If a doctor or other member of hospital staff treats you poorly, then it’s not just that staff member you go up against. You’re fighting against physicians, hospital board members, patient safety staff, and often governmental healthcare bodies. Hospitals also need some excellent lawyers who’ve likely won cases in the hospital’s favor before.

It’s almost impossible for an individual to go up against all that and escape with a fair settlement. You may not leave with any form of compensation at all. A malpractice lawyer can protect you against dealing with all of these people who wish to end your case without a settlement.

3. They Can Keep Stress Levels Low

Stress can have a severe impact on the body. Stress symptoms are a very real thing, and they can make it difficult to deal with everyday life. You’re going to be under a lot of stress when you’re dealing with a medical malpractice case, and that won’t go away just because you hire a lawyer. However, hiring a lawyer takes the burden off your shoulders, and that will ensure you’re under significantly less stress than you would’ve been otherwise.

Letting your lawyer deal with difficult case building and communications leaves you free to focus on healing. Remember, you may still be dealing with an injury or illness that hasn’t been treated properly yet. You need to take time to find doctors who’ll treat your ailments correctly. Leave the back-and-forth with the hospital lawyers up to your attorney so you can focus on what matters most: your health.

4. They Can Help You Get a Medical Assessment

You’ll never win a malpractice case if it seems you’re perfectly healthy. You need a medical assessment from a different physician before you can truly file this malpractice claim. However, the defense may attempt to claim the practitioner you sought your assessment from was biased. You can’t prove you didn’t bribe or coach them on what to say or diagnose. This is where your lawyer comes in.

Your lawyer knows plenty of physicians, so they’ll be able to send you to an unbiased third party for a fair and thorough assessment of your overall health. The unbiased physician will provide you with a medical certificate. They can also help you begin healing from the injuries or illnesses you sustained or suffered while dealing with the negligent physician in your case.

5. They Can Protect You From Making Poor Decisions

The hospital’s legal team generally wants to avoid going to court if at all possible, so they may offer you a settlement to avoid it. Your lawyer will help you with your decision to take or reject it. You may be tempted to take a settlement lower than you’re entitled to. On the other hand, you may feel you’re entitled to more, but your lawyer might know you won’t win a higher settlement if you seek it. A great lawyer will guide you toward the right decision every time.

6. They Can Protect You in the Courtroom

Not all cases can be handled outside of a courtroom. If you were dealing with your case sans-lawyer, then you’ll definitely need one if the case goes to trial. It’s incredibly difficult to defend yourself in a room full of legal professionals who have had years of experience arguing cases in and out of the courtroom. You’ll need a lawyer with enough confidence and experience arguing courtroom cases if you want a fair chance at winning compensation during your case.

A practiced lawyer will protect you from loss and unfair claims made by the defense. Hiring one gives you the best chance of winning compensation for the damages you suffered. Make sure you protect yourself when going up against a hospital in a medical malpractice case.


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