What Core Online Tutor Skills Should You Be Looking For?


Parents often wonder what to expect from the online tutor when hiring them to supplement the child’s learning and what are the important things that a tutor can do for a student. Parents need to understand the significance of online tutor skills. They play a crucial role in online learning and enhancing your child’s academic potential. Therefore, we have put together some core skills that make a good tutor.

What Core Online Tutor Skills Should You Be Looking For

Suppose you’re a parent looking to hire the best online tutor for your child or a tutor to enhance teaching skills. In that case, the following are the top qualities that can help you recognise what makes a good tutor.

Meeting with Teachers, Parents and the Student

It’s one of the core online tutor skills to start the learning process with in-depth interviews with all the stakeholders, including parents, teachers and the student. It allows tutors to learn about the child as they have different insights into the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, they will know if there are any exceptionalities, including ADHD, PTSD or dyslexia. It’s one of the perfect tutoring approach examples. Discussion with the teacher allows them to get a feel for the curriculum. Teachers help tutors ascertain the upcoming tests, assignments, exams preparation and the child’s confidence in classroom learning.

Unseal Learning Styles

Tutors have different tutoring rules for students. A good tutor knows how to improve their teaching methods to uncover their learning styles—knowing the student’s learning style helps the tutor deliver information in the best and optimum way. There are different types of learning styles, including visual, verbal, social, logical and more. Skilful tutors are the ones who make sure they understand the child’s learning abilities and approaches before they make a plan. The expert tutors know how to structure a tutoring session and make things simple for students.

Be Kind and Build Rapport

Chemistry is the most important ingredient when it comes to learning and online tutoring skills from different perspectives. However, a tutor must develop a healthy and robust connection with students and their parents, improving the learning process. If you’re wondering, as a tutor, how to be a successful online tutor, you should be caring and compassionate, well organised and professional in your teaching. Tutors having a good rapport with their students are more likely to become great tutors from a good tutor. It is the most important quality of a good online teacher that parents must be looking for when hiring.

Strengthen the Child’s Core Knowledge

A good or skilled tutor must know which building blocks are missing in the child’s foundation in all core subject areas. Identifying and filling gaps in these missing blocks will help in developing a solid foundation. Having a strong base is one of the characteristics of online teaching that good tutors focus on when providing online tuition. Therefore, it is highly suggested that tutors build a strong ground and then start teaching advanced concepts to students in online classes for tutors.

Boost the Student’s Morale

Tutors who think about how to be a good online teacher should be able to understand the crucial role of confidence and how it drives the child’s learning process. Students must feel like they’re improving and polishing their skills. A confident student performs much better than those who feel uncomfortable among peers or feel disturbed. They like to ask questions in class without feeling uneasy and read additional resources to add more to their knowledge. It can all be possible only when online tutor skills are helping them boost their confidence. Online teaching skills and competencies are the core skills that a tutor must have to provide quality online tuition. When students feel relaxed and confident, they participate in class and other activities wholeheartedly. Their performance in exams and assignments improve to a much greater extent. They do their homework on time and keep motivating themselves.

Improve a Student’s Learning Skills

A skilled online tutor focuses on making the students perfect and self-learners who require less or no help from others. They instill executive learning skills that serve children well academically. Equipping students with core study skills is one of the key online tutors’ skills. Parents should be careful about the skills needed for online learning. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Skills including task initiation, time management, focus, organisation, and exam-taking techniques are imperative to become a great learner. That’s why a tutor who focuses on developing and improving such skills is the one your child must have to excel.

We have seen different teachers’ views on online classes. The fact is students need help at some point in their academics, and interactive online classes play a crucial part in helping students learn and revise lessons with the supervision of online tutors. Even they help when students miss classes in school and struggle to find their feet in particular subject areas.

You see different and efficient online tutoring ideas implemented by various top platforms. However, a one-to-one tutor can help your child perform much better when provided with a dedicated learning environment.

Relieving Stress

A perfect online tutor must be able to relieve the child’s stress. It can be possible by using different tutoring methods to keep the child’s interest in learning. They should make students able enough to deal with stress and support them through academic struggles. For this purpose, they should make learning fun by incorporating different robust activities that inspire students to learn more without feeling stressed. A good tutor knows how to use efficient online tutoring methods to make students more confident and happier, striving to achieve their ultimate academic goals.


Parents should be looking for the above-mentioned skills in online tutors. Education is the foremost priority, and it must be in safe hands. If you know any other techniques that worked for you, feel free to share them with us.


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