4 Various Types Of Lawyers You May Need


The type of lawyer you need may vary depending on the circumstances you’re dealing with. Not every case requires a specialized lawyer, but many require lawyers with the background and expertise to address specific areas of law. To learn more about the types of lawyers available, read on as we discuss four various types of lawyers you may need.

4 Various Types Of Lawyers You May Need

1. Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is skilled in dealing with personal injury cases from dog bites to assault. There are specific areas of focus that personal injury attorneys tend to focus on, including car accidents and domestic violence cases. Even within these specifications, other lawyers may be even more qualified to help you. Domestic abuse attorneys and car accident lawyers are available within their specialized practices.

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2. A Real Estate Attorney

When you are buying or selling property, it is legally required that a real estate attorney be present during the finalization of closing costs. Real estate attorneys can also help with other property-related issues like property lines, contract agreements, etc. Get involved with the help of a qualified real estate attorney if you are starting the home buying or selling process. Before finalizing your financial decisions, you’ll want to ensure all the paperwork is correct and in order.

You may also involve your real estate attorney to go over important aspects of property ownership, such as recent home inspections and questions about property taxes in your area. You can learn more about what you are embarking on as a new homeowner or seller of property.

3. A Sexual Assault Attorney

Sexual assault cases are complex and stressful. Working with the right attorney, you’ll feel supported as you work through the legal proceedings and will not be asked to do more than you need to. Your attorney will primarily do the back-and-forth and strategizing.

Your main goal should be to find an attorney with high success rates for these cases who also happens to be someone you trust and feel comfortable sharing personal case information with. The demeanor of your attorney is also something to keep in mind. You want to work with someone with the right approach to fighting your case.

4. Car Accident Attorney

A car accident attorney is a type of personal injury attorney that addresses issues related to car accidents. As a client, you’ll be instructed on what to disclose and not to disclose at the accident scene. Car accident attorneys understand that insurance companies may utilize strategies to avoid paying the compensation they owe to cover damages.

You can work with a car accident attorney to overcome these hurdles and obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. If you are working with a personal injury attorney that is not experienced in car accident cases, you may not be instructed on what to say at the scene of the accident. Working with a niche-specific attorney, such as a car accident attorney rather than a personal injury attorney, may be necessary in these cases.

The Bottom Line

There are many different types of lawyers out there available to help. Your case specifics will influence the type of lawyer best suited to help you. Consider your options and review the information above as you work to decide on the right professional for your case. Legal representation is a serious decision. Take your time interviewing potential lawyers before settling on the right person to represent you.


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