The Top 20 Luxury Hotels to Visit in 2023


One of the top luxury destinations in the world, Rome is a place people turn to when they want to live in the lap of luxury. This is probably why it’s no real surprise that Rome is home to a large number of luxury hotels, serving people from across the world. If you’re looking for an indulgent break from the humdrum routine of your daily life, then stay in a luxury hotel in Rome.

The Top 20 Luxury Hotels to Visit in 2023

But what are the best luxury hotels in Rome? This guide covers a list of twenty hotels in Rome that you should consider when choosing luxury hotels. Whether you’re looking for a classic luxury hotel, or one that’s more contemporary, this list will have something for you. What’s great about the luxury hotels in Rome is that many of them are located within the palazzi, meaning you’ll be living very close to the must-visit historical sites in Rome. Enjoy eating delicious food at the restaurants, or spending time relaxing in the spa of your luxury hotel.

So what are the best luxury hotels that you can stay at in Rome?

1. Hotel Vilòn

Situated just adjacent to the Borghese Palace in Rome, this luxury hotel looks like a large mansion. There are cobbled streets that lead to this picturesque destination, situated close to a river. Although it’s centrally located, you can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere at this hotel. There are beautiful artworks on display, which help to boost the ambiance of the hotel.

There are suites as well as rooms where you can enjoy beautiful views of the skyline of the city. There’s also a great restaurant where you can try the best Italian food.

2. Maalot Roma

Maalot Roma is known for providing impeccable service. It’s situated close to the Trevi Fountain and is known for blending luxury with a more contemporary vibe. There’s a bar on the ground floor which is popular among the Romans, especially for their cocktails. Enjoy eating great food at this luxury hotel as well. Each of the rooms of this hotel is known for having unique decorations.

3. J.K. Place Roma

The J.K. Place Roma is an excellent luxury hotel, situated near the Tiber River. It’s also not that far from attractions like the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona. This luxury hotel is known for having beautiful marble bathrooms, as well as original sculptures on the property. At this luxury boutique hotel, enjoy eating at the on-site cafe, or drinking at the cocktail bar at night.

4. The First Roma Dolce

This luxury hotel is rated highly within Rome. It has just twenty-three rooms in total. There’s also a renowned patisserie at this hotel. This is the only place within the city where you can enjoy afternoon tea in the traditional way, with an Italian touch. The First Roma Dolce is built in a palace that dates back to the 18th century. If you’re wondering what mattress do luxury hotels use, then this hotel is known for providing only the best.

5. Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Built in a Roman villa, this luxury hotel is especially known for its outdoor spaces. There are terraces with hot tubs, as well as beautiful gardens on the property. You can enjoy spending time at the deluxe spa as well.

6. Singer Palace Hotel

Small luxury hotels like this one are close to most of the must-see attractions in Rome. The Singer Palace Hotel has no more than thirty rooms. Live in Rome’s historic center, by staying at this luxury hotel.

7. Residenza Napoleone III

If you’re interested in a royal vacation, then choose this luxury hotel. The Palazzo Ruspoli, which houses this luxury hotel, used to be the home of Napoleon III, Emperor of Rome. Take a step back in time by living like royalty, in this luxury destination.

8. Elizabeth Unique Hotel

Live in the heart of Rome, and enjoy luxuries like luxury bathrobes and even a luxury terry cloth robe, by staying at this hotel. The accommodation is known for having a modern twist. You can even get a spa or a sauna in some of the suites and larger rooms.

9. Rocco Forte Hotel De La Ville

This luxury hotel houses a renowned restaurant, a great spa, and even a gym. You can learn yoga from an instructor in the gym as well. Situated above the Spanish Steps, enjoy unparalleled views of Rome from this luxury hotel.

10. Portrait Roma

If what you’re looking for is a beautiful luxurious suite, then Portrait Roma could be perfect for you. This luxury hotel is known for offering excellent service. You can even get help with finding some of the best places in Rome to visit.

11. Hotel Locarno

An art deco-styled luxury hotel, there’s also a tea room at this hotel, alongside a restaurant and a bar. Enjoy spending time on the rooftop terrace or even borrow a bike on which you can go explore the city.

12. Roma Fori Imperiali

This is one of the newest luxury hotels in Rome. In some of the rooms, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Roman ruins. There’s also a cocktail bar on the rooftop, as well as excellent food available, at this luxury hotel.

13. Baglioni Hotel Regina

This is a luxury hotel that was built into an old Roman building in 1892. The interior is designed to be lush and luxurious, and plus-size plush robes are available as well. Most of the attractions in the city are just a ten-minute walk away from this luxury hotel.

14. Hassler Roma

Situated close to the Spanish Steps, this luxury hotel is known for having a laid-back atmosphere. The luxury suites offer great views of the spires and domes of Rome.

15. Harry’s Bar Trevi Hotel

You can find this luxury hotel near the Trevi Fountain. This hotel belongs to the group of hotels from Harry’s Bar. With less than twenty rooms on the property, you can enjoy a luxurious and cozy atmosphere here.

16. Fendi Private Suites

This luxury hotel can be found near the Fendi flagship store in Rome. There are great restaurants on the property such as a Japanese fusion restaurant. There are just seven suites, giving this luxury hotel a really exclusive vibe. Enjoy a memorable stay at this luxury hotel, which also provides luxury bathrobes.

17. The St. Regis Rome

This luxury hotel is situated within a palazzo that can be dated back to Belle Epoque times. The furnishings in this hotel give a distinct Roman luxury vibe. There’s a ballroom on the property as well as a well-known Mediterranean restaurant.

18. Anantara Palazzo Naiadi

There are nearly 230 rooms in this luxury hotel, all with their own private balconies. There’s also a pool, a champagne bar, a gym, as well as a great restaurant. Close to the hotel, you’ll find the Baths of Diocletian.

19. Rome Cavalieri

This luxury hotel is where you’ll find a triple Michelin-starred restaurant, the only one of its kind in Rome. If you love food, then this luxury hotel should be on your travel bucket list. Staying at the Rome Cavalieri feels similar to staying at an exclusive retreat. Enjoy your time living in the lap of luxury, at this great hotel.

20. Palazzo Manfredi

One of the most luxurious places to stay in the city, here, you can enjoy splendid views of the Colosseum, during your stay. The service here is also excellent, and your hotel will be surrounded by memorable places to eat as well.


Big or small luxury hotels alike can be found in Rome, one of the biggest travel destinations in the world. Enjoy great service, splendid views of the city, great food, and more, by staying in any one of these twenty hotels. From small exclusive luxury hotels to royal stays, this guide lists twenty of the best places to reside in Rome.


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