The School for Good and Evil Review: Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron


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The School for Good and Evil Review

The School for Good and Evil is a fantasy movie released on Netflix on 19 October 2022.

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult Friction

Director: Paul Feig

Cast: Kerry Washington, Sophia Anne Caruso, Charlize Theron, Sofia Wylie

Ratings: 2 / 5


The movie The School for Good and Evil is an adaptation of a novel by Soman Chainani under the same name. The first book was released in 2013 and has a few similar elements to the Wicked by Winnie Holzman and Harry Potter by J.K. Rowlings. The storyline of this movie is about black-and-white notions. The good and evil deeds under one roof of the school. This magical school teaches students about good and evil. The direction of the movie is very good. As it is the adaptation of a novel, the director succeeds in portraying the storyline and the characters beautifully. The story is about mythology and a powerful friendship. The characters endure their friendship while facing deep and hard challenges. After watching the movie, many viewers question whether will there be a school for good and evil 2. Well, the storyline is good and there should be more chapters in the story.

The book and the movie both portray the story of two teen best friends. They belong to the fictional rural village of Gavaldon. Agatha (Sofia Wylie) is a hot-headed girl who doesn’t care about anything. Meanwhile, Sophia (Sophia Ane Caruso) is a dreamer who loves designing clothes and wants to do something more outside her simple and boring life. Agatha loves spending time with Sophia not seeking attention from the nasty neighbors.
But things start changing when Sophia learns about The School for Good and Evil. It is a secret school that trains the next generation of fairy tale heroes and villains. The school sometimes recruits outsiders also. On hearing the news, Sophie makes a wish to be recruited to the magic school. Her wish is granted and she is recruited to the school. Sophie’s friend Agatha also got dragged to the school when she was trying to save Sophie from the skeletal bird stymph.

Agatha is assigned to the “Evers” side which caters to the worthy students known for their heroic incidents. But Sophie is assigned to “Nevers” which deals with evil. They both get disheartened as they get separated in school.


The School for Good and Evil is a story of two besties from a small town. The famous Tiktoker and social media influencer Elyse Myers also attended the World’s Premier of Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil. Elyse Myers school for good and evil shared good words about the movie. However, the ratings of the movie are not so good. Many viewers are also comparing The School for Good and Evil to the recently released The Stranger 2022. Apart from the rating, the movie is overall good and worth watching. Director Paul Feig has done impressive work in this movie. Many fans of the novel The School for Good and Evil Gregor are expecting more sequels to the movie.


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