The Risks of Customizing Your Luxury Watch


Watchmakers have been building and modifying watches for a long time. Ever since you can customize your watch, there has been a demand for customized pieces. However, when you are planning to have a custom piece, remember that it comes with its downsides. Why? Please remember that the initial watch was done by a professional who spent so much time.

The Risks of Customizing Your Luxury Watch

Having the same watch customized further can be bad for the timepiece. But if you do not like the style, it is all subject to your preferences. There is no right or wrong design. Take note of the risks that you may encounter.

Style of the watch

Luxury watches of any brand follow a specific style. These styles are built over time as it is aligned with the aesthetics. Styles can vary from person to person. If you want to customize your style, it should be done in a way that does not feel estranged from the original design. For one brand, Seiko can have its designs catered to everyone. Whether you are affluent or modest, you can get a watch from them.

If you do not want to waste time in the process, take note of the style you want. List down the parts you want to stand out, including colors, and change unnecessary details.

Value depreciation

Despite being a luxury watch, the value may depreciate over time. It is due to the customized parts present. If the original design is still intact, it could appreciate. Having them can depend on the maintenance of the watch, just like the Seiko submariner mod. But there are collectors out there who prefer having customized parts. Any wear and tear can also appeal to them. Sometimes, the scratches can be the reason for the higher price of the watch.

May not be accepted at service centers

One thing to remember is that professionals may not accept customized pieces at service centers. Major luxury brands follow this protocol. So, professionals will not give services if you have a watch with aftermarket parts. However, when you are the type who prefers watch maintenance, you can contact independent watchmakers to service your watch. The fees may vary depending on the skill of the watchmaker and the watch you will give.

It could not be the design you wanted

Customizing a luxury watch has its risks. Introducing permanent modifications to an already expensive product can damage its design. No matter how much you researched the design and outcome of the piece, the result may be different. It could be the bezel, the case, or the finishing touches. Once the modification is final, there is no turning back. Either way, any form of modification comes with a word of caution. You are the reason who wanted to have a customized timepiece on your wrist.

Wrap up

Luxury watches are a long-term investment. When you want to customize your timepiece, ensure you have the time and budget to complete it. Remember that any aftermarket parts can change their monetary value. But if that is the least of your worries, have it serviced by trustworthy watchmakers. It is your watch, after all.


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