The 5 Best Men’s Track Pant Outfit Types You Can Buy


Track pants are pretty casual and beloved clothing for men when off the office. They are ideal for hanging out loose on the weekends or attending informal parties, but still, most men wouldn’t mind using them for their exercise routines. They’re comfy and accommodating, making them sought-after even for the indoors. But, you need the best type, design, and material to feel more comfortable and easy. Here are the best types of men’s track pant outfits you can purchase and try.

The 5 Best Mens Track Pant Outfit Types You Can Buy

1. Basic Length Track Pants

These track pants are neither short nor long and fit perfectly well, with their cuffs towards the lower leg marginally tight-gripping. Besides, their width is satisfactory and isn’t tight against your skin. Nonetheless, they aren’t too loose or baggy with extra room and fabric, making them the best pair for hanging out loose on your casual days. These pants can pair up with virtually any T-shirt, including the stretch or Polo types.

2. Drawstring Track Pants

These pants can be basic length or cropped, but their only difference is that they feature a drawstring to help you adjust the waist size. That makes them a fit regardless of your waist size, and they’ll hardly drop as you increase activity. If you’re in Singapore, you can visit and get these fitting track pants for exercising in the gym or running on tracks. However, they’re a jack of all trades, allowing you to don them for casual outings.

3. Capri Track Pants

Also known as cropped track pants, they aren’t full-length since they only reach halfway toward your feet. Technically, they cover your things, knees, and calves, leaving a better part of your lower leg exposed. Like the drawback track pants, they’re ideal for exercising and casual wear and fit perfectly with casual t-shirts. You may also throw in some plat-soled sneakers and a baseball cap and don a head-turning look.

4. Stripped Track Pants

Stripped track pants have become a modern staple and a men’s favorite due to their different styles and glamour. Most striped track pants are plain and straightforward, while others feature words and brand names, making the wearers pop out in style and stand out. They usually perfectly pair with sneakers, mainly those resembling the color of the track pants’ stripes. It fosters continuity and a pattern that gives them mean a unique style while outdoors.

5. Racing Track Pants

Racing track pants are subtly different from conventional sweatpants, usually adorned with various patterns and colors. They’re also marginally stretchy, and bikers and mountaineers wouldn’t mind donning them for their sporty activities. They also come with drawstrings, given the vigor bikers and athletes go through. These track pants pair well with flat-soled sneakers and t-shirts having resonating colors and patterns.


Men’s track pant outfits are becoming trendy and sought-after due to their sporty theme and wearability. They’re suitable outfits to wear as you go and fit perfectly on every occasion. Whether you’re a vigorous man and need a fitting exercise outfit or want to feel effortless in your casual days, these men’s track pant outfits are for you.


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