The 3 Best iOS Emulators for Android


If you are an Android user, but are also interested in trying out iOS apps, then you will need to either get an iOS device or use an iOS emulator for Android. Although Android has millions of apps available on the Play Store, there are a few that are exclusive to iOS. In such cases, an iOS emulator can be used to test the app on your Android device. Let’s take a look at some of the best iOS emulators for Android. We really can’t narrow it down to one, so we’ve included three of the best iOS emulators for Android.

To run an iOS emulator on your Android smartphone, you don’t need to root it or unlock the bootloader. You can simply download the emulator from a third-party website and start using it right away. Emulators can’t be downloaded from the play store so don’t look for one. Before installing them, you will have to change some settings on your Android smartphone. You will need to allow your Android phone to install apps from unknown sources.

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Android is the best operating system that you can find on this planet. Why is it so? We know that both Android and iOS 13 iphone 6 have their pros and cons. One of the things we love about using Android mobile phones is that it gives us the freedom to do a lot of customization.

Discover The 3 best iOS emulators for Android

If you think that you are tired of seeing the same boring theme on your device screen. You can simply check the Google Play Store and download the themes you like. Problem solved!
Now, what if I want to use iOS instead of the flexible Android operating system to run some iOS apps or because I just enjoy the beautiful interface of iOS, what do I do?

Do I have to root my phone for it to run an iOS interface?

Here’s the deal; it is possible and you don’t have to root your android smartphone at all. An iOS emulator is exactly what you need to experience the iPhone operating system without spending any money. It will provide a bridge between the two platforms.

The best iOS emulators for Android

Below are the three best iOS emulators for Android.

  • Cider emulator
  • iEmu emulator
  • Appetizer Emulator

Note: These iOS emulators for Android cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. So you have to change some settings on your phone.

That is how:

  • Step 1 – Go to Additional Settings and tap on Privacy
  • Step 2 – Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

Once you have done these steps, you can now proceed to download these iOS emulator apps.

1. Cider Emulator

Cider emulators are a lot more than just a simple crowd-sourced database of cider names and descriptions. They are a database of cider emulators to ensure that an accurate depiction of cider’s flavor profile can be achieved in the game. The database includes a listing of real cider brands and their respective names; an encyclopedia of cider terms and abbreviations; a database of ciders’ bottle sizes; and even a listing of ciders’ production countries and the details of their brewing locations.

Cider is an iOS emulator that I tried on my smartphone, and so far it is one of the best Android emulators for iOS that you can try. The reason why I recommend this app is because it works smoothly on your device. While scrolling through my apps, I did not experience any lagging or even freezing. Install iOS apps without any problem


  • No data loss once you install or uninstall it
  • Safe from viruses and malware
  • No restrictions once you download iOS apps
  • No iOS launchers needed
  • Android transforms into iOS


  • Free
  • Excellent interface
  • Doesn’t need high specs to work
  • Support iOS apps
  • I can still access android apps
  • Does not require much disk space


  • It does not work on all devices.
  • Not from Google Play Store

2. iEmu emulator

iEmu Emulator is also one of the best iOS emulators for Android out there. You do not need to pay any money to purchase this application. All you need is a working Android phone that supports it.


  • It is safe against viruses and malware.
  • Compatible with almost any Android smartphone
  • It has good graphics
  • No data loss once you install or uninstall this app


  • Free
  • Small in size
  • Excellent interface
  • Support iOS apps
  • I can still access android apps


  • Not compatible with all Android devices
  • Not from Google Play Store

3. Appetize Emulator

Appetize Emulator is the most unique Android iOS emulator on the market. You do not need to install this app to enjoy Apple features. It is actually a website that is counted as an Android iOS emulator. All you have to do is open the Google browser on your device and head over to their website and start using the iOS apps.


  • Run iOS apps
  • Good graphics
  • Works fine in Google Chrome


  • Free
  • Does not require installation
  • Works on any device


  • Slow connection delays


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