10 Common Wig Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Some women are too concerned about their hair and hairstyles. The simple reason could be the importance of hair in the lives of every woman. Among many black women, a wig plays a very important role in their personal lives. Day by day, it’s becoming more and more necessary in the lives of black women. As the craze for wigs is growing among women, more and more people are getting wigs from wig shop online. The reason for the craze for wigs among black women could be their personal interests and beliefs.

10 Common Wig Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

If you’re a wig lover, wearer, or a beginner, then there are a few common mistakes that you must avoid when buying a wig. In the following article, we will provide you with the common mistakes that a newbie makes and how, as a newbie, you can avoid them. When it comes to buying wigs, there are a few mistakes that we often make without realising it. Here are a few of those mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Buying A Wrong-Size Wig

This is probably the most common mistake. It is very important to measure your head correctly so that the wig will fit properly. A wrong-sized wig can create problems such as slipping off the head, headaches, looking unflattering and discomforts. Therefore, it’s very important to buy the right size wig for yourself. You can avoid such mistakes by measuring the size of your head and comparing it with the size of the wig that you are interested in buying. Before you even start shopping for wigs, it’s important to know your head size. This will ensure that the wig you choose fits properly and looks natural.

2. Not taking regular care of human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are as sensitive as your natural hair, which makes them require more care. Most wig wearers don’t take care of their wigs in the right manner, which can result in damage to human hair fibers. You can avoid such mistakes by purchasing specialised products according to the type of human hair wig. Try to avoid overheating when styling wigs to let them last a long time.

3. Using too much glue

For lace wigs from unice.com, don’t use excess glue to set it off on your scalp. Glues and adhesives are chemical-based products. Using too much glue can cause itchiness on your scalp and can badly affect your natural hair, scalp, and wig too by shedding off the wig’s hair faster. To avoid such mistakes, try to use the best and most trusted brands of glue or adhesive. If you are allergic to glue, it’s better for you to avoid lace wigs. You can choose wigs that need clips, pins, or combs to be set on your head.

4. Neglecting Natural Hair

There are many wig wearers who wear wigs more often. And most of them start neglecting their natural hair. Even if you’re an all-time wig wearer, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your natural hair underneath because it’s hidden. Your natural hair is as important as your wigs. You can’t wear a wig all the time. Therefore, it’s very important for you to regularly wash them to keep them tidy and use moisturiser to keep them moisturised, otherwise you’ll end up damaging your natural hair.

5. Over Plucking Your Hairline

A lace wig needs customization to look real and natural on an individual. Plucking hair from the hairline is also a part of customisation, but over-plucking your hairline can cause a sparse look. You can avoid it by getting your wig customised by a professional hair stylist.

6. Over bleaching

If you are planning to buy a dark-coloured lace wig, then you must know that lace wigs are made through the process of ventilating, which means, in simple words, they’re handmade. For dark-coloured lace wigs, the knots are visible as small dots, so to lessen their appearance, bleaching is used. But over bleaching can ruin the appearance of a wig by making the colour of the lace more yellow. The bleaching process is an irreversible chemical reaction. So, it’s better to avoid it if you are a newbie. Instead of bleaching, you can use foundation to cover-up the knots to achieve a natural and beautiful look.

7. Cutting off too much lace

One of the common mistakes is cutting off too much lace from wigs. First, it can cause the hair to become brittle and break easily. Second, it can cause the wig to lose its shape and look more artificial. Finally, it can make the wig less comfortable to wear. To achieve a more natural and attractive look, try to get your lace cut off by a professional hair stylist.

8. Over-styling Your Baby Hair

One of the most common mistakes newbies make when it comes to their wig’s baby hair is over-styling it. While it’s tempting to try out all the latest trends on your wigs, it’s important to avoid over-styling your wigs’ baby hair. Over-styling can lead to breakage, split ends, and frizz, which can look unnatural. You can avoid it by getting it styled by a professional hair stylist.

9. Using a lot of heat

When it comes to heat styling tools, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of which is that you shouldn’t use a lot of heat on wigs. Too much heat can damage the hair and the wig. Additionally, it can also cause the hair to become dry and brittle. To avoid such a mistake, try to use heat within its limits so that the wig cannot get damaged.

10. You’re washing your wig too frequently

Giving your wig frequent washes is one of the most common mistakes that a newbie makes in the hope of keeping it clean and tidy. You must know that if you wear your wig too often, giving it frequent washes will lead to hair damage and shedding. Washing your wig once or twice a week is a healthy way to extend the life of your wig.


All new wig wearers or newbies often make mistakes while purchasing or wearing a wig, and they are bound to them. Making mistakes and not learning from them isn’t wise, so it’s okay to make mistakes, but not learning lessons from them isn’t. When you’re looking at wigs, be sure to check the quality. There’s nothing worse than buying a wig only to find out that it’s made of cheap materials.

Before you make a final decision on a wig, be sure to try it on yourself to check whether it suits you or not to achieve a more natural and attractive look.


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