Some Tips to Be Pro at Video Marketing


In the world of digitization, its become pretty easy for brands to reach their potential customers. With everyone having their personal mobile phones, people are just a click away from learning about a new brand and its product or service.

Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of this fact and finding newer ways to attract customers. For example, instead of just using images to promote their product, they utilize videos to connect with viewers in an exciting way.

As per Hubspot’s research report, more than 50% of customers prefer watching their brand’s video content to any other form of content. Also, it’s been researched that videos on landing pages of websites can increase the conversion rate up to 80%.

90% of customers have already said that video reviews help them buy decisions. But, the competition in the video marketing world is also increasing significantly. That is why it’s essential to have a solid strategy for video marketing.

We’ve assembled a list of some tips to help you with your next video marketing strategy in this blog. So let’s check them out-

The ultimate tips to become a pro video marketer!

1. Be ready with a written plan before starting anything

First things first – you need a plan. Before making a video for your business, write down your requirements and objectives. Next, clarify why you’re making the video.

Is it to convert the viewers? Or is it to spread awareness about the brand? Until and unless you are clear about these things, you cannot make a good video.

Once you have written down your objectives, start thinking about how you can achieve them. Create a proper strategy to help you with every step of production. Next, find out the tools and equipment you will need for the video and if you have those.

For example, if you want a professional studio quality video content, plan the video with a Brisbane video production company. They will also have all the tools and technology you need, like the latest camera and audio equipment, to create a masterpiece.

Everything requires a plan, and with a goal in hand, even a sudden change in marketing strategy will not affect your results much. Content produced after complete research, keeping the requirements in mind, and targeting the potential customers gets the best conversion than any form of content over the internet.

2. Choose the correct video type for your brand

The options are endless for your business, from educational videos, explanatory videos, meet-the-team videos to support video calls and testimonial videos. Plenty of options available, but what’s the best pick for you?

If you sell your product, having testimonial videos can bring crazy results. Similarly, if you want to educate your customers about your product or services, explainer animated videos work best.

It has been seen that 98% of the audience have at least watched an explanatory video or review video, or promo video before buying any product. But producing these videos can be challenging.

That is why if your company doesn’t have an experienced production team, you should hire a good explainer video company.

3. Keep Track of the competition

We all know that the competition for every type of business increases day by day. You might even find multiple promo videos on the internet that are shockingly similar. That is why it becomes more crucial for businesses to stand out.

But how can you do that? How do you ensure that what you wish to produce hasn’t already been created by your competitions? You can do all this by keeping track of your competitors.

You should check the type of content they are producing and the result they are getting. This will help you make a better strategy and give you unique ideas that others haven’t yet used.

4. CTA is a must

Whatever be the reason for creating a video, having a call-to-action link is a must. The end goal of any marketing strategy is to increase sales and get more conversions. CTA understood the assignment and helped you redirect your customers from a video to your action plan.

What do you want your customers to do after watching your video?

  • Do you want them to buy your product or services? – Add a link to your e-commerce page at the start or end of the video.
  • Do you want them to write feedback for your product? – Add a form link in the description of your video or you can use product feedback software.
  • Do you want them to be a part of their customer community? – Add a link to your community group
  • Do you want them to jump to your social media handles? – Add the link to your social profiles.

That’s damn easy and the most underrated task while doing video marketing, yet people realize it late after losing their early revenues by not doing so.

5. Create short videos

The attention span of people has reduced. People prefer watching short-form content to any 1-hour long video. Why would anyone spend their precious time watching a one-hour explanatory video if the same thing could be done in a few minutes?

You remember a quote saying, “Quality over quantity”. It seems like it was written for video marketing strategies!

Remember, you have to create your video to attract your audience in the first few seconds. The earlier your audience gets connected to your video, the higher the chances of conversion, leading them to watch the full video.

In the latest research conducted by Hubspot, people prefer shorter “authentic” video to high-quality long video that seems artificial and inauthentic.

6. Make it SEO friendly

Creating a high-quality video with SEO practices followed correctly makes the best video marketing strategy. Always make your SEO-friendly video to help it top the search engine and make your business reach more people.

Add proper and relevant keywords to the video description, add keywords into the link, make your website SEO friendly to get the best out of your video marketing strategy.

Add backlinks to your landing pages having video on other sites. Include specific keywords to your products. Creating a video and SEO-friendly is like adding cherry over your marketing strategy.

7. Choose the correct platform for distribution

Here comes the most crucial step for any video marketing strategy- Finding your potential right platform to get the best results from your video marketing. To do that you need to conduct research about your target audience.

Are they on any social media platform like Instagram and Facebook?
Do they prefer watching videos on YouTube? Or would your website be the best place to share the video?

You must have the answers to these questions before you start creating your video. This is because the platform can also help you choose the right type of video to produce.

Furthermore, analyzing the performance of videos on each platform and then using those results in the next marketing plan can help you achieve better results.

For example, suppose your video performs well on Instagram but results differ on other platforms. So, next time you will be choosing Instagram as the first priority for distributing your video. At the same time you can try to boost your profile by having a tool like Kicksta.

Similarly, adding videos to the product website can help your customers get details in one place thereby saving their efforts and getting a better customer experience.


Video marketing is at the peak nowadays. But to achieve success it is important to have an excellent strategy. This blog highlighted the ways you can make your video marketing successful. So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind during your next video marketing campaign.


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