Online Privacy for Kids: A Guide to Keeping Them Safe from Scams and Cyberbullying


Do you know that 57%of all the digital crimes reported in 2021 were scams?For smooth continual of smart gadgets and web-based services, it is important to learn and practice safe usage of digital tools. Learning to track scams and fraud and using parental control apps to save loved ones from scammers is the call of the hour.

OgyMogy is on the list of prominent spy apps offering virtual monitoring features. The app can be the best choice for all types of users because different versionsare available.Parents can monitor their kids’ laptops, desktops, cell phones, Mac books, or other gadgets.The economic deal with multiple bundle deals makes it a prime choice to use the app for different time frames. Monthly, seasonal and yearly bundles are offered by the app. Unlike many other spy apps that demand more payment for advanced monitoring features, this app differs. There is no discrimination between the basic and advanced features regarding any package offered by the OgyMogy spy app. So one can freely enjoy all the features even usingthe monthly deal.

Here are a few tips to help teenagers stay safe from scams and fraud through parental control apps.

Set The Example:

Set the example infront of the kids. Share your bad experiences and teach them about the potential risks. Educating them about common scams comes in schooling.T each them about the most common types of scams, such as phishing, pyramid schemes, and fake giveaways. This will make them more aware of potential scams, and they will be able to spot them.Use the remote monitoring feature like app access, screen time management, and access to built-in calendar and notepad to immediately trace any suspicious activity.

Encourage them to be skeptical:

Scammers often try to pressure people into making quick decisions. Teach teenagers to be skeptical of unsolicited offers and never give out personal information or money without verifying the person’s or organization’s identity. Fraud or scam attempts in the form of calls can push the kid to make bad decisions. OgyMogy parental control app offers a call log and calls recording feature. You can know about any suspicious or late-night calls right away.

Remind them to be Extra Cautious on Social Media:

Scammers often use social media to target victims. Remind teenagers to be cautious about clicking links or responding to messages from unknown people or organizations. One can monitor most social media platforms and instant messenger chat apps by using monitoring software. Clear your doubts about any possible scammer or suspicious Id right away.

Teach them to use strong passwords:

Encourage teenagers to use strong, unique passwords for their online accounts. This will help protect their personal information from hackers or any form of cyber attack. Keystroke logging is one of the best features offered by parental control technology, and parents can know about all the account passwords and can know about any weak passwords.

Remind them to never share Finacial Related Information:

Scammers often ask for money or gift cards as payment. Remind teenagers that if someone asks for money or gift cards, it is more likely a scam. With the help of the keystroke logging feature, you can know about any possible sharing of codes or passwords through chat or text messages.

Keep Track of Online Activities:

Stay involved in your teenager’s digital activities and monitor their social media accounts, email, and text messages. Features like screen monitoring, email monitoring, and text log features are offered by the OgyMogy spy app. All the features report the details information along with timestamped information.

Assure Timely Action:

Teach them how to report a scam or fraud to the appropriate authorities. Timely action is important when it comes to scams and fraud cases. With spy apps, parents can remotely lock and unlock the target teen gadget, block any app or id, or even their internet services. All this and much more is possible with the help of parental control apps the OgyMogy.
Be open and approachable to the kids. Encourage teenagers to come to you if they ever feel unsure or suspicious about an online interaction or receive a suspicious message, call, or email. Spy apps are here to assist and make your life better.


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