Meal Prep Tips to Help you Get Started


Meal prepping can protect your waistline and your wallet. If you dread cooking when you get home after a long day, having a few things prepared can simplify the whole process and give you more time to relax at the end of the day. Once you start meal prepping, you’ll notice recipes and processes that can save you time and energy when your tank is low.

Meal Prep Tips to Help you Get Started

Pantry and Prep Supplies

Whether you already do a lot of cooking or are just getting started, there are storage tools that can make life easier. In addition to the simple grab-and-go tools such as sandwich bags and plastic containers, consider investing in glass containers that you can use to store your prepared foods.

Target the foods you know you enjoy. If you love a yogurt parfait treat, small jars can be recycled to combine fresh fruit and plain or vanilla yogurt; split granola into small snack bags and you can prepare yourself a breakfast treat in just a few steps.

Increase Your Convenience

The biggest benefit of meal prepping is that it doesn’t require you to start from scratch as soon as you get home. There can be great comfort in knowing that you have ingredients that you love for stir fry, such as

  • Chopped broccoli and carrots
  • Sliced mushrooms
  • Diced onions
  • Garlic

Food prepping actually takes very little time if you can take care of it on the weekend; for example, choose a favorite few recipes and take care of the manual tasks long before you need them. Instead of pulling raw materials out of the refrigerator when you’re hungry and tired, you can pull out components to build your meal.

Good for Body and Budget

In addition to prepping raw foods, make sure you also prepare some ready-to-heat favorites. Chili, soups and stews are easy to prep in bulk and freeze in single-serving containers. If you carry a lunch bucket to work each day, these single-serving containers can serve as your ice block to keep your yogurt and fresh fruit cool at the office.

If you spend time cooking on the weekends for family and friends, it’s not a huge time burden to prepare another dish. Roasted veggies store well; if you’re tired of salad, change things up with a meal featuring roasted sweet potatoes or asparagus.

Supplement Your Prepared Meals

According to Legion Athletics, the key to healthy weight loss must include protecting your body from muscle loss. In addition to a balanced diet, supplementing with a weight loss stack program can aid your fat loss goals.

If you’re working to avoid fast foods, convenience foods and the expense of restaurant meals, prepping your meals and the right supplements can make a huge difference to your health, both physical and financial. Go home knowing that dinner is just a few steps from being ready to set on the table and nourish your body and your spirit!


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