Marketing: Why is Conventional Media Phasing Out?


In the modern world, marketing is essential for organizations. This encourages growth, profits, and customer engagement. However, marketing strategies are now rapidly changing. They no longer cost a fortune or require extensive equipment with lights and props. Instead, a large number of brands are using social media as marketing platforms. With services like Charter Spectrum internet plan, the internet has increasingly become accessible to more people. In this context, it makes sense to use online portals to promote businesses.

Marketing: Why is Conventional Media Phasing Out?

Today, conventional media is losing to social media in the world of marketing. Here’s why.

The Popularity of Influencers

Social media is all the rage today. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tk Tok have millions of users. In fact, this number is rapidly increasing every day. One of the greatest reasons for this popularity is influencers. These are social media celebrities that have a massive following. This means that their followers actively watch their content and pay close attention to what they endorse and promote. For modern marketers, this is vital for businesses.

When companies use influencers in their marketing strategies, there’s a greater chance of their brand becoming recognized and known. In conventional media, there’s no simple avenue that leads to such an instant and direct result. In fact, influencers don’t even charge too much from companies since most of them are just starting out in their careers. There’s no equivalent of this in conventional media, and even if there is, it costs significant money. As a result, most marketers prefer social media over traditional marketing methods.

Reduced Cost of Social Media

Another reason why traditional media is phasing out is because of social media’s reduced cost. With the former, there’s usually an extensive setup involved with dynamic equipment. In addition to this, engagement with the consumer isn’t direct and straightforward. In fact, it goes through a series of channels. This reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of the strategy. But with social media, costs are significantly reduced. All you need is a stable internet connection. Apart from this, platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram have plenty of features that allow you to promote your product. Just keep up with trends and important issues to stay relevant and in the loop. Furthermore, most apps are also completely free of charge and require no cost of signing up or subscribing.

Wider Reach

With the advent of the internet, globalization has been promoted even further. This means that the world has gotten smaller and people are more aware of what’s going on around them. In this context, social media acts as a great tool for marketing. This is because it exists solely in an online forum. This means that whatever you post or create will have a greater chance of reaching millions of people all over the world. Thus, anything you post can go viral and attract substantial attention overnight. With social media portals, you have the ability to widen your audience and increase your brand’s influence.

Trending Tik Tok Campaigns and Challenges

Tik Tok challenges and trends are gaining a lot of momentum today. These are catchy, easy to follow, and offer a good amount of entertainment. Thus, it’s no surprise that marketers are now making the most of this to attract greater customer attention. These social media challenges are an easy way to make your brand stand out. In fact, many companies use this to attract the attention of upcoming generations like Gen Z and Alpha. Apart from this, such trends are also a great way to keep up with the world and establish recognition and relevancy.

A large number of global companies such as ELF Cosmetics, Guess Jeans, and Chipotle are actively using these trends to make themselves seen and heard. Recently, Guess came out with the In My Denim campaign that involved a group of people walking around in Guess jeans. Soon, this picked up momentum and a large number of users started posting videos of themselves in this pair of jeans. This gained so much popularity that the brand saw a significant increase in visitors, viewers, and even customers.

The Bottom Line

Conventional media is losing to social media in the context of marketing because of its wide range, popularity, and great reach. In addition to this, social media is considerably cheaper as a marketing platform than conventional media. It is gaining momentum today because of the rising influence of Tik Tok trends and the popularity of social media influencers.


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