How to Use Molle Clips


Tactical Molle Gear is an important part of any out-of-door adventure. It’s not just about having enough room in your pack or bag for a redundant outfit; you need quality pieces that will last and allow you to keep moving forward on your trip, no matter what obstacles come over along the way.

How to Use Molle Clips

The further gear you have, the harder it’s to keep track of everything. The stylish Molle clips are a simple result for keeping all your gear in order. You can attach them to any piece of apparel or outfit using their strong tenacious backing, and they’re also completely malleable so that you can fit them anywhere on your tackle.

Clip Backing

The clip backing refers to the system or styles into which you install your clips onto a design. There are two types of backing you can use circle Velcro or flat strips. Loop Velcro uses hook and circle systems to secure your gear, while flat strips use a buckle system. Both systems are veritably secure, and you’ll have no issues with them falling off while you’re wearing your design or using it in the field.

Clip Shape And Size

You need to consider what shape you want for your clip and how big you want it to be. There are two introductory shapes you can get cube and triangle. Cube clips are the most common on out-of-door gear because they allow you to fit numerous Molle strips at formerly, whereas triangular clips generally only hold one swatch at a time.

Still, similar to a hydration pack, you should go with cube clips so you can strain up a lot of strips at one time If you have a large item that needs securing.

Still, you should go with triangle clips, If you want a commodity easy to secure. The lower the clip is, the harder it’ll be to find room for you to use it. Bigger clips offer further options, but you’ll need numerous strips to hold your big particulars.

Clip Positioning

The positioning of your Molle clips can beget issues if you’re not careful. You can either install them on the top or bottom of your gear and acclimate your swatch consequently, or you can have one row at the top and one at the bottom. Both ways work, fine but you have certain advantages over others depending on what you’re making, which we’ll cover below.

Top Row At The Top

The main advantage of having your clips on the top row is you can snappily pierce your gear. However, you can fluently do so without taking off your pack and digging around for it, but you might not have enough room to hold all your outfit in this position If you need to get your goggles or helmet snappily.

It’s also good if you have numerous big particulars you want to secure because there will be further room between the strips that go across your gear to give redundant space for your big particulars. This placement works well with blockish-structured clips because rather than using two rows of clips, you’ll only need one row, which saves space and allows easier on-and-off availability.

Nethermost Row At The Top

The main advantage of having your clips on the bottom row is you can pack further particulars in your design because you have two layers of strips rather than just one. There’s also an increased chance you won’t lose the precious, big gear you want to secure when it comes time to take off your design in the field.

This option works well with triangle-shaped clips because you’ll need two rows for your clip, so there will be no redundant space between the strips that go across your gear, and you won’t have problems fitting everything outside.

It’s also good if you don’t like having access to your outfit snappily but need a lot of room for big particulars because there will be a less open area between all the Molle strips.

Installing your Molle Clips

Installing your clips is the coming step you should take. There are many ways you can install your clips depending on what you’re making and your particular preference, but it all comes down to how in-depth you want to get with your design.

Still, you should stick with rubber circles or rubber flat strips because they work fairly well and don’t bear important time and trouble to install, If you want a commodity that functions well for the utmost of your out-of-door requirements.

Utmost of the time, all you have to do is slide them onto your packs, politic vests, or whatever differently you’re making and secure them into place by securing over the top of each circle Velcro strip which works great when taking on. Off you project on short notice, or you can use redundant strips if you’re not in a hurry.


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