TikTok Partners with the Cannes Film Festival


TikTok recently partnered with the Cannes Film Festival (75th Festival de Cannes) to launch #TikTokShortFilm – a worldwide in-app competition of vertical shorts.

In this regard, TikTok announced the prestigious jury of #TikTokShortFilm and they include Cambodian filmmaker, Rithy Panh, a BAFTA-nominated director who will head the international jury.

Other jurists include the Sudanese creative, Basma Khalifa, Camille Ducellier, the maker of Bachi-Bouzouk, the screenwriter, Angele Diabang and the Senegalese TikToker content creator, Khaby Lame.

For those considering entering this competition, eligible short films should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes in length and the shortlisting will be done by representatives of TikTok around the world.

Special Awards

The eventual winners will be rewarded at a special event to be held during the Cannes Film Festival. TikTok is a video giant with over one billion users around the world and this competition is an attempt to shine a spotlight on emerging talent.

Following the success of communities such as #filmtok garnering more than 4 billion views worldwide, it is hoped that #TikTokShortFilm competition will empower innovative and new ways for TikTokers to be entertained and bring their creativity to life through TikTok.

TikTok continued to support its mission to inspire artists, movie makers, and creatives to dream, discover, create and share the stories they love and mean the most.

TikTok is all about expressing your creative self in the most entertaining manner. TikTok content creators can use a wide range of tools in order to create their video content.

TikTok also makes it possible for content creators to monetise their creations and discover new avenues of revenue. This makes it not only an entertainment platform but also a member of the gig economy across the world.

Skill Showcase

This competition also works well with the aims of the Festival de Cannes that is to advance, raise the profile and celebrate the cinema and film industry worldwide.

Those entering this competition will be able to showcase their cinematography skills using TikTok’s wide range of creative and content tools and effects so that they may share their stories in a new way with global audiences.

There will be three categories as part of the #TikTokShortFilm competition Grand Prix, Best Editing and Best Script with the winners walking away with a cash prize and a trip to the Festival de Cannes in France this coming month of May.

TikTok’s unbeatable reach and enviably young demographic is mainly due to the mobile app’s ability to create short videos with music soundtracks that can be edited with a filter, sped up or even slowed down.

TikTok content creators can also add their own musical creations on top of their content videos. If you don’t have your own music then no worries as TikTok has a large song library with a wide variety of music genres and it is also possible to lip-sync videos to popular songs.

TikTok’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm recommends videos to users based on their in-app activity and the For You page on the mobile app showcases content based on videos the user has liked, interacted with, or searched.

Using The react feature, app users can film their reaction to each video in an easy to use method. The duet feature lets users film one video beside another but this is only possible if both users change their privacy settings.

TikTok users can opt to set their accounts as private, which means the content can only be viewed by those authorized to do so. And if you decide not to go ahead with your post, the video can be stored in the drafts section.

TikTok users can always report content that is inappropriate or if they feel you are the subject of spam. There is also a range of parental controls that offers parents a sense of safety, especially those under the age of 16.

TikTok content creators can decide to make a video private, public or friends only at the time of uploading. This can be changed as well later. Mobile app developers such as Elegant Media create mobile apps like TikTok and can guide you on which features and benefits add the most value to a mobile application.

Followers & More

TikTok content creators can add followers through the in-built tools. If other users like your content then your followers will increase. Having a large following is always good but it’s important to also have a quality base of followers rather than a group of followers that are not really interested in your content.

There are many ways to increase your number of followers, but the most credible way to develop a unique fanbase would be to offer the best original content.

Fans love original content that entertains, educates or inspires and this in turn can get you valuable followers that can add to your credibility and eventual monetisation.

TikTok offers content creators a wide range of tools and features so they can make the most attractive content and then share it widely. TikTok also allows content creators to track the individual performance of each video so they know exactly what type of content works and what does not.

Augmented reality app developers can also leverage the power of TikTok, by integrating shopping lenses and layers that provide users with the opportunity to see how items will look inside their home for example before they buy them.


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