How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Access Error 2790?


Microsoft Access error 2790 is one of the most common errors faced by Windows users. This error mostly appears when some of the MS files get missing or corrupted. But the user can also get into this type of error when other files are conflicting with Windows files. The error message mostly appears while starting or shutting down the system.

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Access Error 2790?

Symptoms of Microsoft Access Error 2790

  • Your active program freezes and error 2790 error message appears on the screen
  • The system is running sluggishly
  • Your input devices like keyboard start responding lately
  • User is getting system crashes from time to time

Possible reasons behind Microsoft Access Error 2790

  • Your device is running on outdated OS
  • The user has deleted some Windows files mistakenly
  • Malware has corrupted some windows system files
  • You have installed some malicious program on your device

Best methods for resolving Microsoft Access Error 2790:

Update your OS

Whenever your Windows device shows you any error, you should immediately check for the updates. You should never miss any update for your device. New updates fill all the loopholes on your system. Close the 2790 error wizard and click on the Start button. Open the Settings window and go to Update & Security. Now click on the Update button. If an update is available for the device then it will start installing. Wait for completing the update installation and then restart your device. Now run a program and check whether your Microsoft error gets resolved or not.

Run a malware scan

Sometimes malware also interrupts various OS processes. For running your system without any error, you have to remove all the malicious programs from the system. But detecting malware and removing it manually is not a simple task. You have to run anti-malware to remove all the threats. Open the Windows Defender and run a full system scan immediately. If the error is appearing due to the malware then scanning the system will troubleshoot your issue. Some users also have personal antivirus programs. In case you have another antivirus then run it on your device and flush out all the threats.

Remove the conflicting program

Many users faced the 2790 error with a particular program. This means the user has installed an incompatible or malicious program on the system. Conflicting errors mostly occur with third-party editing or gaming applications. You should never install any program from a third-party site. For resolving the issue, you have to uninstall the conflicting program from your device. Close the program which is causing the error and go to the desktop. On the Apps folder, right-click on the program which is causing the error. Choose the Uninstall option and follow the on-screen instructions for completing the process. Now restart the device and check whether your Windows 2790 error gets fixed or not.

Remove the temporary files

Windows devices accumulate lots of temporary files with time. Sometimes these files start conflicting with your other programs of system files. Delete all the temp files from the PC and then try to run the system. You can also contact the Microsoft team for reliable help.


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