How to Properly Roll a Joint: Tips From the Experts


Rolling the perfect joint is an art that many Cannabis smokers haven’t perfected. Not only does a joint that’s rolled perfectly smoke better, but it tastes better too. If you are a frequent smoker and find that your joints are lacking in presentation, then it’s time to change that. There’s no point knowingly smoking badly rolled joints.

It might take a little while, but after some practice, you should be able to roll a joint that’s worthy of an award. This article will tell you how you can roll a joint properly:

How to Properly Roll a Joint

Pre-Rolled Joints

Before explaining how to roll the perfect joint, let’s first address pre-rolled ones. You may not know, but pre-rolled joints are purchasable. They are a great option if you do not know how to roll a joint or do not want to know. You can buy them from most dispensaries. In addition to being able to purchase pre-rolled Cannabis joints, it’s also possible to buy Delta-8 joints. Delta-8 is still derived from the Cannabis plant but is much more mellow and relaxing. When you are buying pre-rolled joints, make sure that you buy them from a reliable vendor.

Choosing the Right Cannabis

If you definitely want to roll your own joints and don’t want to rely on pre-rolled ones, then the first step is to find the right Cannabis. You need to choose the strain that’s perfect for you. There’s much more to a joint than just its appearance and the way that it smokes. It needs to contain a strain that you enjoy smoking, otherwise the joint won’t be any good. There are two main strains of Cannabis, which are Indica and Sativa. There is a third strain, hybrid, which encompasses any cross-breeds of Indica and Sativa plants.

And the Right Paper…

It’s also crucial that you find the right paper for your joint, otherwise, it won’t burn well. Many smokers don’t choose quality paper, and as a result, their joints are impacted. Poor quality paper can result in joints that burn poorly, taste bad, and produce thick ash. In addition to all of this, poor-quality rolling paper can also release chemicals when burned, which can be harmful to your health. You should opt for a rice-based or hemp-based paper, free from any chemicals or non-organic compounds. These papers taste, feel, and smoke better.

Grinding Your Cannabis

A big mistake that a lot of Cannabis users make is to not grind their Cannabis properly. If you don’t properly grind it, then it won’t burn evenly when rolled and may bulge and spill out of your joint. While it is possible to grind Cannabis with your hand, most Cannabis users are lazy when they do this and don’t ensure an even pick. It is much better for you to use a grinder. Metal grinders are considered to be the best option because plastic grinders can release bits of plastic into one’s Cannabis which can taint one’s bud and be harmful to health.

Roach or Filter?

When you are rolling a joint, you have two options. High-quality filters, cardboard roaches, or nothing at all. Most Cannabis experts agree that high-quality filters are the best because they prevent your mouth from getting burned. With that said, you can make your own roach out of cardboard which is just effective. You should always avoid rolling without a roach or filter, because this can lead to you burning your lips, and can make it difficult to smoke. The paper can get wet between your lips, which can cause the joint to stick, and prevent you from getting good smoke.

Filling Your Joint

When your paper’s ready, your weed’s ground up, and you have your filter, fill your joint. You can do this by placing your Cannabis along one edge of the paper so that you can tuck the paper underneath the Cannabis. Make sure that the joint is evenly filled, from the top to the bottom. You might want to leave a small gap at the top so that the Cannabis doesn’t spill over when you are rolling it and pushing the paper under. It’s easy to waste Cannabis when doing this. You also need to leave enough room at one end to slip the filter in.

Pinch, Roll, and Lick

Once the paper’s filled, you can begin rolling. You do this by pinching the top of the paper with your thumb and forefingers, then rub your fingers together. You push the Cannabis into a tight cylinder and push the paper underneath. Once you have pushed the paper underneath, you can wrap the remaining paper around it, and lick it. Some recommend licking the joint or putting the joint inside your mouth to moisten the paper afterward. Don’t get it too wet, however.

There’s nothing like a good joint. They aren’t the easiest to prepare, however. In addition to reading this article, you should also check out online videos, guides, and tutorials with pictures.


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