How to Pick a Senior Assisted Living Facility


Today, assisted living communities are found across the country. While this may appear to be a good thing, many people find it difficult to choose a community for a loved one. They aren’t sure what to look for when making this decision.

How to Pick a Senior Assisted Living Facility

Certain factors need to be considered when trying to find senior assisted living. The following are a few of these factors. Before choosing a community, take time to visit those on the list, as doing so is the best way to determine whether a community will be a good fit for the loved one.

The Senior’s Needs

Make a list of the senior’s current needs and what might be required in the future. Certain seniors need little help but want to move to a community for companionship and an easier life. Other seniors cannot complete basic tasks, such as showering, without help. Knowing what the senior needs helps ensure the selected community will meet those needs.

The Location of the Community

A senior may wish to remain close to friends or move closer to family members. Take this into consideration when comparing communities. The senior’s wishes should always be a priority, as the family wants them to be comfortable in their new home.

Amenities and Activities

A senior should not have to give up their favorite activities simply because they move to assisted living. When comparing communities, look for those that can accommodate the individual’s interests. Some seniors may want a golf course or swimming pool. Other seniors might want to live close to cultural events. In addition, see what activities the community plans for seniors. These activities should mesh with the senior’s interests.

Safety and Security

One reason many seniors choose to move to assisted living is for safety. They worry they will have an accident and nobody will be around to help. In addition, seniors remain targets of unscrupulous individuals. In a senior living community, they have people around who can help in these situations.

When comparing communities, learn what they do to prevent and control infectious diseases. The global pandemic taught all individuals just how important this is, particularly when it comes to seniors and those with compromised immune systems.

Transition Options

Families must recognize the senior may need a higher level of care in the future. When this day arrives, the transition needs to be as smooth as possible. For example, the senior may need rehabilitation services or memory care. Look for a community that offers this type of care along with assisted living. This allows the senior to age in place rather than move between communities or centers. They move from their home to the community and then move within the community as their needs change.

Budget also plays a role in which senior community is selected for a loved one. Use all available resources to determine how to pay for the necessary level of care. Reach out to the communities for assistance in determining payment options and where to get financial help. These communities have staff on hand to assist with this task. No family wants to learn their loved one cannot live in the ideal community for financial reasons, so be sure to ask for this help. Every senior deserves to live their final years on the planet in the manner they desire. With the help of the right senior community, they can.


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