How Much Do Crystal Trophies Cost?


Giving out a trophy, especially the crystal ones, is a unique way to show appreciation, gratitude, and recognition of an individual’s performance. Their prices range from seventy-five dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars. The cost varies depending on the crystal trophy’s shape, number, size, and quality.

How Much Do Crystal Trophies Cost

● Personalized Crystal

These awards are made in various shapes and designed for specific recognition. The recognition themes include diamonds, stars, world globes, and flames. The awards can also be created based on accolades such as years of service, sales achievement, retirement, leadership, and employee appreciation. Personalized crystal awards allow selecting a color of your choice: jade, black, cobalt blue, amber, purple, or red.

A personalized crystal trophy has a globe and k9 crystal that you can gift your boss with this fantastic gift. This customized crystal ranges from twenty-nine dollars and nine cents to fifty-five dollars and seventy-three cents.

The crystal trophy is designed with a game of glass golf you can use for home or desk décor. It is high-quality made with a quality etched crystal. It ranges from sixteen dollars and ninety-nine cents to sixty-one dollars and nineteen cents.

● Custom Crystal Awards

It can be designed to fit a specific brand or logo. Custom crystal trophies utilize unique styling designs, color, and typesetting to customize your award while providing quality and excellent trophies. A few companies charge a design fee on top of the trophy price for them to customize your crystal award. It is, therefore, necessary to get clarification on the charges before the project begins.

Creating new custom crystal awards designs will require investing in prototypes so that the final product is well balanced and stable. This will add up to the total price of your custom trophy. For example, a customized logo trophy with colorful crystals ranges from six dollars and twenty cents to eight dollars and fifty-one cents per piece.

● Appreciation Crystal Awards

Appreciation crystals trophies are an excellent way to show appreciation and motivate your group. These types of awards are cost-friendly. In addition, appreciation awards create excitement and desire to improve on performance.

● Optical Crystal

Optical crystal is designed using several components that help clarify the trophies. The crystals include a lead oxide, silica, and potash, unlike glass which often becomes cloudy because of the soda-lime used to make it.

These crystal awards offer clarity and refraction. They are cut and explicitly polished and can create rainbow prisms when placed on the light. This makes the optical crystal gifts an excellent option for elegant awards. The optical crystal trophy award mostly ranges from seven dollars to twelve dollars per piece.

● Engraved Crystal Gifts

It has an uncompromised quality and significant factor for our customers. It is a creation created with art expertise to provide impressive results. Engraved crystal awards are in two categories; laser engraved trophies and sandblasted trophies. Engraved trophies designed with a souvenir start range from six dollars and eight cents to twelve dollars per piece.

The engraved crystals with a diamond design can range from one dollar and seventy-five cents to eight dollars and fifty-five cents per piece.

● Laser Engraved Crystal Awards

Crystals that are laser engraved are quicker to prepare and set up. The desired art is placed in the software and where the laser designs the required design. The resulting quality is ideal and impressive. For example, a 3D laser crystal trophy with acrylic crystal trophy ranges from two dollars and fifty cents to three dollars and thirty-five cents per piece.

● Sandblasted Crystal Awards

It is also known as abrasive etching. These trophies are produced in great detail regarding logos and resolution quality. The quality of sandblasted crystal trophies is accurate and detailed. The result of a sandblasted crystal trophy is superior to a laser engraved trophy.

A sandblasted crystal trophy ranges from sixteen dollars to twenty dollars per piece. At the same time, a sandblasted wooden trophy ranges from four dollars and eight cents to five dollars and eight cents per piece.

A sandblasted crystal award trophy with a crystal ball ranges its price from six dollars and eighty cents to eighteen dollars and eighteen cents per piece. A sandblasted two-layer crystal trophy for government gifts ranges from one dollar and eighty cents to twelve dollars and eighty cents.

Purchasing off-the-shelf crystal awards is a fast and cost-effective way to get customized awards as they are already designed.


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