How MetaVerse Will Change the Future of the Technology


“Metaverse” is perhaps the most buzzword of the end of 2021. The rebranding of Facebook played a leading role in popularizing this concept: in October, the largest social network was transformed into Meta, emphasizing the future direction of modernizing its infrastructure with the name. Thanks to PR from Zuckerberg, the development of the concepts of virtual worlds is becoming a top priority for the tech giants. Can’t believe it? We understand. But in these companies’ Q3 earnings reports, the word “metaverse” was mentioned almost 450 times.

How MetaVerse Will Change the Future of the Technology

Industry of tomorrow

In the modern view, the meta universe is the next stage in the development of the Internet, i.e. a single digital space that unites the physical world with augmented and virtual realities. Inside this “universe” you can do everything the same as in the ordinary world: communicate, shop, work, give yourself to creativity. Real life savings can be spent in the metaverse. And vice versa.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes that in the next 3 years, most online meetings will move into the metaverse, and employees will interact with each other using VR headsets and digital avatars.

In December, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta took another step towards launching a branded metaverse. Now Horizon Worlds – the current project of virtual reality – is available to adults in the United States and Canada. And absolutely free. Meta is talking about a $10 billion investment this year for the development of the metaverse. Facebook will get a bigger market share of the futuristic industries – everything will be done into the Metaverse. It’s the right time to jump into the boat and start collaborating with this company. Zuck’s Facebook is trending even now in the app systems because everyone knows that META is the future. You can start putting your ideas, business and personal stuff in the Meta already. Buy Facebook likes and get better results with organic engagement.

This concept is familiar to cryptocurrency investors, primarily thanks to such GameFi industry projects as Axies Infinity. Traditional financiers are just eyeing the new industry. However, analysts are already seeing various revenue opportunities in the metaverse – technology development and adoption, entertainment, education, retail, and more.

Morgan Stanley estimates that U.S. consumers alone will spend about $8.3 trillion in the metaverse in the coming years. Bernstein analysts estimate the potential of the new market somewhat more modestly at $2 trillion. Cathy Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, says the metaverse is opening multi-trillion investment opportunities and will impact every aspect of the economy in ways “we can’t even imagine yet.”

In an effort to find out how an investor can make the most of the potential of the metaverse, Insider polled analysts at Wall Street’s biggest investment firms. Here’s what they had to say about the benefits and risks of investing in the industry of tomorrow.


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