DWI! A Criminal Charge Or Traffic Offense


In the United States, drunk driving is a serious offense. There is not much you can do without an attorney. So finding an attorney is very crucial if you are in such a situation.

This article, though, will dig deep into the controversy of DWI (driving while intoxicated/impaired) to find out if it is just a traffic offense or a Criminal offense. We will deliver a concise understanding of the topic by digging into the law that varies from state to state.

There is a high chance of accidents while you drive with strong influences of alcohol. So the law allows a level of alcohol while you drive. Knowing such things is crucial if you want to be safe in the future while driving.

Different States Have Different Laws

This article will fill you with important information to gain your knowledge about DWI and its consequences. If you find interest in this article, you might like to scout DWI criminal law center for more information regarding DWI and its attorney.

Are you willing to be safe and sound while driving? Stop consuming alcohol. Or find the best advice with us.

A criminal defense attorney Kansas city can help you out while you get in such a difficult situation. It is the lawyers who know the field well and help you out in easy ways.

States like New Jersey and Wisconsin take this offense lightly compared to most of the other cities in the U.S. These two states consider drunk driving a traffic violation, and thus the penalties do not include imprisonment.

On the other hand, most cities consider DUI or DWI as a criminal offense, and thus they consider imprisonment as well. You cannot simply give the fine and go back to your home.


Charges may vary from place to place, and you will get a better idea with a criminal defense attorney Kansas city. Here we will suggest your changes depending on the number of times you committed DWI.

Through this, you will get a comprehensive idea of DWI and its average charges across the country.

1. First Time

If you are caught up for the first time, the penalty will be around $ 1600 to $ 2000. On the other hand, your criminal offense will also get recorded in a criminal book as you will serve imprisonment from 4days up to 6 months.

Your license will also get suspended for a minimum of 30 days to almost 10 months. Moreover, an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) will be installed on all vehicles that you have or drive.

2. Second Time

The second time the punishment will increase, and you will be charged an $1800 to $ 2800 penalty. And your license will get suspended for almost two years this time.

Your imprisonment duration can be up to one year, depending on the decisions of a particular jurisdiction. Ignition Interlock Devices will be installed in all of your vehicles. This is why you need to attend a proper criminal defense attorney Kansas city.

3. Third Time

If your criminal offense gets caught for the third time, the intensity of your charges will get severe. Are you in a position to afford one year or more imprisonment? Also, your license gets suspended for three years.

With a mandatory IID installation to your used vehicles, you will get penalized for $180.

Apart from these charges due to your criminal offense, there is a ‘lookback period’ available to extend your imprisonment. For example, if you consider your second DWI within the range of 10 years, your imprisonment can be extended up to the maximum by the court.

Yes! You heard it right. Unless you are in New Jersey, do not dare to do or repeat such criminal offenses as DWI.

To Conclude

After a concise discussion on the criminal consideration of DWI, it is time to give a general verdict from our end. DWI is a criminal charge.

As an adult, you know what you are doing, and we have probably been able to give you information regarding DWI punishments so far.

Maybe it’s time to stop flying on roads and understand the seriousness of this criminal offense. Find a criminal defense attorney Kansas city to gather more information regarding your concern.


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