A Beginners Guide to Vape Kits


Are you ready to switch to vaping but not sure where to start? Relax! We understand your fears and are thus prepared to hold your hand through this guide.

A Beginners Guide to Vape Kits

Choosing the right vape kit for a beginner can be daunting because of all the concepts and terms you’ll need to know to get your head around the new norm. However, there are certain names that you can trust, such as mighty vaporizer. This guide helps you understand the parts of a vape kit, different types of vape devices, and the best vape kit. Let’s get started!

What Parts are Included in Vape Kits?

1.Drip Tip

Drip tips are also known as mouthpiece-it’s where the mouth rests as you inhale the vapor to your lungs. They are made of different materials ranging from plastic, ceramic, and metal. Depending on your device’s type, the drip tip can be fixed or removable.


The battery is the electronic part of the device that heats the coil to activate vapor. Some people call it the mod, and it comes in different designs and sizes, which can be inbuilt or removable depending on your preference.

While many batteries have a wattage adjusting option, they also contain a basic on/off button, a display screen, and an optional fire button.

3.Tank or Pod

The vape tank is the part that sits between the battery and the drip tip—it holds the e-liquid and is made of plastic or glass. The vape tank also houses the coil to enable vaporization of the e-liquid.

It’s worth noting that tanks and pods have similar functions but differ in how they are attached to the battery. While pods are connected to the battery by a magnet, the tanks are attached using screws. Pods are light in weight, increasing their popularity amongst vape users.


Coils are an essential part of a vape kit device. They are made of wire and cotton, which absorb the e-liquid in the tank, and when heated by the battery/mod, it produces vapor that you enjoy from the drip tip.

The coils are responsible for flavor, vaping style, and taste. More so, they have variant resistance depending on your preferred vape, thus forming categories of either low (under 1ohm) or high (above 1ohm) resistance coils. Let’s look at the difference between vape devices.

The Different Types of Vape Devices

Vape Pens

The vape pen is one of the most popular devices in the market for vape beginners. While these devices have maintained their compact and sleek design, they have revolutionized over the recent years, giving you a satisfying vaping experience.

The pen-style design makes it simple and easy to carry around, save for the improved battery life, which lasts up to a day depending on how frequently you use it. Vape pens are refillable.

Disposable Vapes

You can confuse their design with actual smoking as they are similar. Disposable vapes are light in weight come with a charged battery and a prefilled e-liquid mod, meaning you dispose of them after use. The battery has a short lifespan.

Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are another option for a pen-like feeling. Just like the vape pens, they are light in weight, sleek and stylish to hold on your hands, making them popular. Their performance has improved over the years, and the only difference between them and the pens is that their pod is replaceable and refillable.

They comfortably fit in your pocket and have higher nicotine options, making them more cost-effective than pens.

Box Mod Kits

Box mod kits are also called sub-ohm vapes, mostly preferred by more advanced vapers. They are flexible and have options for adjusting wattage, temperature, and ventilation, giving you the best experience of the vaping style you desire.

They are characterized by a large size, higher battery capacity, and heavier weight and can be customized to produce a variety of flavors and huge clouds of vapor. Additionally, you can change to a refillable tank and use an external battery to power it.

How do I choose Best Vapes for Beginners?

Below are the factors to consider before making this decision.

1. Right Nicotine Strength

When switching from smoking to vaping, knowing the nicotine content in your e-liquid is very important—because the nicotine intake from cigarettes is different when absorbed in your lungs compared to vape kits. Below is a breakdown of what we recommend if you are transitioning from cigarette smoking:

  • If you smoke more than a packet of cigars a day, you can start with 18-20 mg of nicotine level.
  • If you smoke almost a pack of cigars a day, take 12 mg
  • If you smoke up to ten cigars a day, take 6mg
  • If you are starting out or below five cigars a day, take 3mgs. Opt for a flavor-only vape kit if this feels too much on you.

2. The PG: VG Ratio

The Propylene glycol (PG) and the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are essential in determining the vape kit you’ll need. The PG enhances the flavor and vapor of your e-liquid, while the VG is a thicker, sweet liquid responsible for increased vapor clouds to your satisfaction.

3. How to Use a Vape Kit

There are two ways you can use your vape kit as a beginner.

Mouth to Lung (MTL)

MTL is designed to work like you’re smoking—you first fill your mouth with vapor through the drip slip, then allow it to drop to your lungs. It’s the easiest if you’re transitioning from traditional smoking.

Direct to-lung DTL

This method is used by experienced vapers who want deep lung satisfaction. You draw the vapor, inhale deeply, and exhale as you enjoy the flavor.

If you’re transitioning from smoking cigarettes, vape kits are the best choice. While it can be challenging to learn the aspects, it’s the best move to make when your goal is to stop smoking.


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