5 Things You Should Know About Criminal Lawyers in Sydney


If you are amid a police investigation, you may be feeling nervous or even scared. You should think about your future; otherwise, you could be frustrated with the process. This is when you need to take the help of criminal lawyers Sydney. The most common charges are fraud, theft, assault and drug offences.

5 Things You Should Know About Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Trying to find a criminal lawyer in Sydney without knowing what you’re looking for is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, as there are over 36 thousand certified attorneys in NSW. If you don’t have the correct information up front, you may end up working with someone who is either not experienced enough for your case or just not the right fit for you. This can lead to problems later when it comes to a court trial.


The highest reported 17,636 cases in Sydney are assault in domestic violence, followed by 15,138 instances of assault in non-domestic violence. Different criminal lawyers specialise in other areas of the law.

For example, they might specialise in traffic offences, divorce or fraud. Consider what area of law you need assistance with. You should find a criminal lawyer who specialisesin that area. If you don’t, you might end up paying for something that you are not entitled to and would not be covered by your legal aid or compensation claim.


If you’ve been accused of a crime, getting an experienced attorney on your side is imperative. A seasoned attorney will have dealt with countless cases like yours and knows precisely how to handle them. This can be vital if you want any chance of winning your case or receiving a reduced sentence.

A good defence starts long before you walk into court because it’s too late for any significant changes once you’re there. An experienced lawyer better knows what needs to be done to build a solid defence, and they won’t hesitate to tell you if anything else needs work.


While it might be tempting to pick a lawyer, who tells you everything will be okay when that’s not looking possible, such a person probably isn’t worth having on your side.

Transparency with honesty is crucial when it comes to criminal lawyers. This is your life and liberty on the line, not just a business transaction. If you don’t trust your lawyer, you can’t expect good work from them. Trust is a very important factor for a healthy relationship between a client and their lawyer.

Good Attitude

Your lawyer can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case, so it is crucial that you feel comfortable with them. Great lawyers should possess a good attitude and be practical.

Make sure that they are friendly and approachable and act as a sounding board for all your questions and concerns. Someone you can trust will be more likely to help you through the stressful time when dealing with a criminal charge in Sydney.

Free Consultation

While hiring the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, make sure to ask if they offer a free consultation. Consultations are an opportunity for you and your lawyer to discuss what is going on with your case.

Also, it will help figure out all the options without any obligation from either party. This is an essential part of choosing the right lawyer for your case because it allows you to determine if you think they could help you win or keep searching for another attorney who might be better suited for your case.

The Bottom Line

Being charged with a criminal offence is stressful and overwhelming, and it can be a frightening moment, especially when you do not know the legal system or your rights. You want to make sure that you are working with an excellent criminal lawyer in Sydney, one that will fight for your rights and freedom.


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