5 Signs to Call an HVAC Technician


When something goes wrong in the home, most people think they can fix it by checking the internet. However, if you are a professional technician, you can get away with it better than most people. For instance, you can paint your living room by yourself, replace the pipe under your kitchen sink, but in some cases, you may have to call a professional to offer their expertise.

5 Signs to Call an HVAC Technician

Plus, the HVAC company knows where to get parts for replacement industrial surplus parts for the job at hand. Thus, if your air conditioning is acting up, call in the professional technician when they start showing any of the signs below.

1. No cold air

If your HVAC unit has no cold air, it can be frustrating, especially during the hot months. If nothing works after doing various DIY solutions, changing the filter, making sure all the windows are sealed tight, and no cold air is coming from the vents, it is a sign to call in a professional. When the AC is not producing cold air, it is a noticeable sign, and you cannot really get around it unless you call a technician. It may seem your AC is at the end of the rope, but you do not have to replace it all. There might be a single part that needs replacement or a mechanical issue and not the whole unit.

2. Moisture

As part of the cooling process, all air conditioners produce water. But, this water should run out on the back of a specific drain. Therefore, if it is coming from elsewhere, visible like in the house, it may be leaking. And, moisture in your ducts could mean a lot of things and not good things. It can be a malfunctioning unit, leaky ductwork, or broken parts and all this needs a professional technician from heating repair Las Vegas to help with the issue. If you notice this, schedule an appointment, and in the meantime, turn off the unit to prevent further exacerbating the problem.

3. Strange smells

In this case, the cold air could be blowing out fine, but it has a strange smell like sharp, metallic, and slightly burnt. The strange smell could mean your wiring is burning or something worse. This is a serious sign you need to deal with as soon as possible. Also, if the smell is musty or stale, call a professional as well. All these odd smells mean you are having an issue. Thus, a professional should check it for you. If it is not a burning issue causing the smell. You may be dealing with mold issues. As a result, it can affect your safety and health and your family’s too. So, keep off your AC until you know what is going on to avoid moldy air circulating in your home or make your burning wires work double time.

4. Unusually high energy bill

You may also notice high energy bills. A spike in your energy bill is also a sign your AC unit is eating more energy than it used to or should. Also, it is a sign that you need to upgrade. This depends on the area you live in because of the temperatures. If you experience high temperatures in your area, the life span of the AC is on average 12 years, depending on certain factors. But through preventative maintenance, you avoid the high bills. The technician can notice issues and correct them. And this is vital for the longevity of your unit.

5. Weak output

If your vents are open, clean, and sparkly, but you are still getting a pathetic breeze from them, this is a sign of weak output, and you should contact a professional. The blower may not work if you have issues, such as a dead motor, fan clogged with dirt, a stuck wheel, or a loose fan belt. These issues keep the blower fan from the vents to keep you cool. Also, you can check your attic to rule out if there are kinks in your ductwork restricting airflow that you can straighten out. If you are still facing the same issue, call the professionals to diagnose the problem and check whether there are other issues you did not know.


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