5 Main Cannabis Terpenes and Their Medical Benefits


Terpenes are the compounds that are in all cannabis that give off their unique scents depending on the strain you have. There are five more common ones present in different varieties of cannabis. In addition to having their own aromatic signature, each of these provides unique medicinal benefits. When you’re aware of these benefits, you can make more educated decisions based on which strains to try. Then, you can see if they have the desired effect for your medical conditions or if you have issues that only pop up every once in a while.

5 Main Cannabis Terpenes and Their Medical Benefits

Why do different terpenes have unique effects?

There has been little to no research about the medical benefits of cannabis terpenes to date. We’re basing much of this understanding on theory and studies that have been done on isolated terpenes on an individual level. Terpenes from other plants have been studied and since they also appear in cannabis, we can relate some of this official research to the theories that are in place about the marijuana plant.

Terpenes and Their Benefits

The following five cannabis terpenes are considered to be the most common. There’s a good chance you’ve come across at least one of them. It’s tricky to find terpenes labeled, so you can find them with ease at many dispensaries. Even with this difficulty, you don’t have to give up on getting just what you want. Talk to a budtender about what you’d like to find, and they should be able to assist you in getting a strain that matches your needs.


This terpene has an aroma that’s peppery and spicy. Among the top benefits for caryophyllene is that it reduces inflammation. This is a big deal since inflammation affects people who have all kinds of conditions. You’ll also find that it helps to relieve anxiety symptoms. If you’re looking for a strain with caryophyllene, consider Skywalker or Rock Star.


The terpene limonene has a citrusy aroma to it. This is said to improve one’s mood, so it’s ideal if you have been experiencing some bouts of depression or even negative moods that aren’t at such a serious level.

It’s also a good one to try if you have regular issues with anxiety. Anxious thoughts can lead to anxiety symptoms that are physical in nature and extend over most of the body. Use of a strain that has limonene can help to put these symptoms at ease, such as O.G. Kush or Super Lemon Haze.


Linalool has both floral and spicy scents. One of its major benefits is relief of depression. Depressive thoughts can lead to many other issues and impact someone’s daily functioning levels. Linalool also is said to act towards inflammation relief, making it a good choice if you have an autoimmune disease or arthritis.

You’d do well to try out a strain or multiple types so you can get a feel for what’s the best for your specific situation. These include LA Confidential, Lavender, and Special Kush.


Myrcene is one of the more musky and earthy terpenes. This is great when it comes to reducing inflammation. It’s also beneficial for symptoms of chronic pain. If you experience some kind of pain on a regular basis, it’s well worthwhile to give White Widow, Skunk XL, or one of the other strains that contain Myrcene a chance.


Ironically (or maybe not so), Pinene features an unmistakable pine aroma. It has a few excellent benefits that include the reduction of anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain. Whether you’ve been in an accident and are dealing with an injury or have an ongoing condition that causes you inflammation and other types of pain, it’s worthwhile to pick out a strain with Pinene. Strawberry Cough and Blue Dream are just some of your options.

Choosing the Right Terpene Profile and Strain

The fact that there is such little research in the area of terpene profiles makes it a challenging task to look this up before you go into a dispensary so that you can narrow down the selection to what would best suit you. This is why it’s so important to experiment with the different profiles and strains. Before long, you’ll be able to find just the right composition that should provide you with some specific health benefits.

You might ask around if you know of people who use cannabis and have similar medical issues to yours. Even though each person is different, so you can’t always predict that it would help you in the same way, you can get a solid idea where to start in your process. There also may be testimonials that you can review for the dispensary you plan to visit for high quality Massachusetts weed with medical benefits. This goes a long way towards helping you make an easier choice and have some confidence in your decision.


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