4 Jobs in Marketing that Might Interest You


This is a strange time for many, especially for those who have recently lost their job or main source of income. However, this could also be the perfect time to pursue alternative career paths, especially those that offer a higher chance of financial stability in the long run like marketing jobs, for example. Marketing, in the broadest sense, is defined as the synergistic link between product development and increasing brand awareness, and the ways in which this link could be cultivated. It dovetails with other related but not quite similar fields, such as advertising, public relations, media planning, and sales. The following are four exciting career opportunities in marketing to think about.

4 Jobs in Marketing that Might Interest You

1. Social Media Manager

Managing social media accounts for companies entails taking in-depth looks at their planning, and setting some specific strategies and goals to achieve. The social media manager would be responsible for developing brand awareness and cultivating an online reputation. You would also be responsible for content management, and implementing SEO techniques to ensure a groundswell of website traffic. This requires a healthy amount of creativity and a passion for the brand that you are espousing since it requires engaging with customers on a daily basis.

2. Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist is someone who provides an all-encompassing look at marketing for a company. The specialist would dedicate themselves to developing and implementing marketing strategies across email, social media, digital campaigns, online and in-person events, and so on. Knowing how to collaborate with both the product and sales teams is another skill that anyone interested in becoming a marketing specialist must acquire. They will also have to analyze the performance and efficacy of different campaign strategies and be responsible for conducting market research and analyzing trends to identify new opportunities.

3. SEO Specialist

These days, it’s all about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This has been pioneered by major companies such as Amazon, who realized that trying to figure out what customers would be on the lookout for could end up being incredibly lucrative. An SEO specialist is responsible for improving the search functionality and engine rankings for websites. The job mostly entails writing content based on keywords, as well as fine-tuning things like page titles, header tags, and so on. People in this role help to make the online shopping experience an easy and even enjoyable one for consumers.

4. Web Content Writer

If you’re someone who loves to write and wish you could make more money off of that skill, then this is the profession for you. As another branch of the SEO business, web content writers focus on providing relevant content for different websites, such as blog posts, marketing copy, and so on. The goal is to write enough articles that would engender an increase in traffic of website visitors by targeting different keywords that are related to the products or services the company offers. If you’ve ever shopped online through your favorite boutique-like marketplace for a pair of vintage earrings or a delicately refurbished piece of furniture, you may notice an attendant blog post about a related topic on the vendor’s website. This is the sort of content a web content writer would produce.

If you love bringing an element of storytelling to your work, and enjoy writing and conversing with others, then marketing may be the career path for you. There are different subspecialties available in this field, and they are all worth looking into, depending on your interests and the skills you are looking to develop.


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