Essential Furniture Items For Your Living Room


Furniture is very essential when you are moving to a new house or just want your place to be more livable. However, purchasing the furnishings can be expensive, specifically when you need all the new and modern ones.

If you don’t want any mess in your home furnishing, it’ll be a good idea to research well on the items you require the most. To purchase your preferable furniture items, visit the furniture stores in NZ, helping to meet all your requirements. You can find out every trendy and wide variety of pieces for your living room.

Essential Furniture Items For Your Living Room

Most people prefer to furnish their living space entirely while some want it simple and orderly with the furniture items which are most required. So, here, in this article, we have listed the most important furnishing accessories you must have in your place.

Top Important Furnishing Items That Should Add To Your Living Room


Among the essential furnishing items, a sofa is a must for your living room. It’s absolutely versatile furniture for sitting, chilling on, or lying down comfortably. Additionally, this piece of furniture helps in setting up the right interior style for the place.

One can find a vast variety of sofas in the furniture shop but picking the perfect one which suits your living area requires some consideration. Here we are listing them:

Measure The Dimension Of Room: Before planning to buy a sofa, it’s a must to measure the dimension of the living area. Note down the length and breadth of the space. Additionally, also take other furniture into consideration as they will help in complementing the sofa. This way, one can accurately estimate the accurate area of the room. When you know your space, then purchase accordingly.

Types Of Sofas: One can find varieties of sofas, so consider picking those which will suit your space very well. Just consider the design and material of the furnishings.

Nowadays, at many furniture stores, sofas are available in two designs. One is traditionally long and the another is sectional which comes along the chaise lounge. Usually, long pattern ones are suitable for the formal living space while a sectional works best for casual places where one mostly spends a day.

Chaise lounges are very perfect for relaxing, watching T. V, or adjusting additional guests. Now the other thing to consider is fabric. If one’s concern is that the sofa may not get dirty easily, then prefer the slipcovered types of sofas. Its benefit is that you can remove and clean the covers easily.

Moreover, cotton velvet is also a fine alternative. It is applicable to spot cleaning which means one can remove the visible stain right away instead of washing it completely.

A Coffee Table

Next, an essential furniture item is a coffee table which is placed in the center of the space. It not only enhances your place but also offers a useful purpose. Such as, providing enough space to set a coffee cup, food, or table furnishing things.

It probably gives life to your place. So, no one would like to go wrong with picking a suitable coffee table. Therefore, we are helping you with some guidance on how you can select the perfect one from the furniture stores according to your requirement.

Size: It will be best to keep the same size of the coffee table as of sofa. However, if you don’t want to have both the furnishings of same size, then consider purchasing a few inches smaller table in comparison with sofas.

Types: In order to select the most suitable coffee table for your space prefer the:

● Design: For instance, if your living room sofa is traditional and long, then preferring the oval or rectangular table will be an excellent idea. Quite the opposite, sectional or L-shape sofas will go well with circle or square-shaped tables.


Marble Coffee Table: This kind of table is among the extremely trendy furniture items in New Zealand. It is a very classic and heavy material.

Brass Coffee Table: It is very pleasing as it gives a vintage ambiance to the interior style of your room.

Wood Coffee Table: This furnishing is a perfect alternative for those who enjoy adding a rustic appearance to their space.

Mirror Or Glass Coffee Table: It looks very elegant and modern which attracts better attention.

So, visit the La-Z-Boy furniture shop and buy appealing and modern furnishing items. Wide ranges of table furniture are available which you can select according to your requirement or your room style.

Media Cabinet

For adding a TV to your space, you would definitely require a media cabinet. This stand should be placed in the center part of the wall of living area so that every family member can enjoy seeing it properly.

It will be better to select a media cabinet that matches the design of other furnishing items present in the room. In addition, do not forget to consider other features like the models of the stand.

Models Of Media Cabinet: One can find several types of media cabinets in the stores of furniture in New Zealand, which will surely set the style of your space. Here are some perfect ideas:

Open-Shelf Media Cabinet: This stand is widely open and consists of a few racks for storing things. It is best for spaces that are small in area.

Closet Media Cabinet: It looks exactly like an open-shelf media cabinet, but it contains doors that shut off the racks. One can prefer this model if their room area is huge in size.

Floating Media Cabinet: It is basically scaled on the wall. This furnishing material is generally the largest among all the other types. It has a great storage capacity where one can decorate other decor items.

Style Of The Room: Sleek and modern media cabinet is the ideal option if the room has a modern touch. On the other hand, classic cabinets are most suitable for a place whose style and furniture are traditional.

Accent Seating

Accent chairs like armchairs, recliners, etc. are the most comfortable furniture that provides an extra seating arrangement. Make sure these furnishing items match the sofa as they will look absolutely perfect besides it.

Some sofas are already available with accent seating, so one can prefer to purchase those types of furniture. Besides this, for covering the spare spaces, these furnishing items are excellent items. These materials are available in all furniture stores in different styles, colors, and fabrics. Just choose your preference and buy at an affordable rate.

Summing Up

Home furniture is very essential to add aesthetic value to your living area. But, one needs to think about the most needed furnishing materials so that the room would not get overstuffed. The above-mentioned furniture will definitely make your place the center of attraction.

We wish this guide will surely help you build a functioning and appealing living area.


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