6 Essential Tips on How to Take Care of Your Jewelry


Do you have a piece of jewelry that you love to wear? Or, do you own costly jewelry that represents a fond memory? If so, you may want to pay close attention to the information discussed in this article. To start, there is a wealth of valuable information available online today. Some of them focus on topics like how to take care of your jewelry, particularly if you want to keep your jewelry in perfect condition.

6 Essential Tips on How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

With that said, here are 5 great tips on how to keep your jewelry in perfect condition.

Tip #1 – Keep Jewelry out of Extreme Light and Heat

When you are looking for a place to keep your jewelry, you need to be extra careful about leaving your jewelry in places where it can sustain damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Just like the skin on a human’s body can be damaged by the sun, the gemstones (i.e. topaz, amethyst, kunzite, and shell cameos) inside of your jewelry, can also fade and sustain a certain amount of damage when left out for lengthy periods. For more information about the effect of heat and light on your jewelry, visit https://www.skjewellery.com/product-category/rings/.

It is also important to note that other gemstones like amber, pearls, and viceroy are made out of delicate materials. Therefore, if they are also left in the sunlight too long, the color of these gems will begin to darken over time.

Tip #2 – Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

You need to also be aware of the damage that everyday products on the market today can do to the quality of your jewelry. For instance, if you do not want your jewelry to be damaged by chemicals, you need to be careful of using products like perfume sprays, colognes, hairspray, lotion, and other cosmetics on the market that contain chemicals in their formula.

Tip #3 – When to Not Wear Your Jewelry

To keep your jewelry in perfect condition, it is important that you know when to avoid wearing your jewelry. For example, some people may never take off their watches or their rings for any activity that they participate in. However, this is not always the best practice to follow since activities like gardening, swimming, and household cleaning can completely destroy the quality of your jewelry. In some cases, this may mean your jewelry can easily be scratched up against objects that your hands come in contact with.

4. How to Keep Your Jewelry Clean and Shiny without Unnecessary Damage

You should always avoid using toothpaste to clean your jewelry. Even though some people may highly recommend using toothpaste, this home remedy is never a good idea. One of the main reasons is that toothpaste is too abrasive on these delicate materials, and will scratch your softer gems and your gold.

Additionally, you should always avoid cleaning your jewelry with boiling water. Boiling water will not only discolor your gems, but it can also cause cracks and discolor your gems.

Tip #5 – Be Careful When Using Ammonia to Clean Your Jewelry

In some situations, ammonia can be used to clean your jewelry. However, you need to know exactly when ammonia can be used and when you need to avoid it. For instance, when you are cleaning your diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, you can have great results.
On the other hand, if you are cleaning other types of gemstones, you can cause unnecessary damage from the chemicals in ammonia.

Tip #6 – Select Jewelry Boxes with Soft linings

When you select your jewelry box, pay close attention to the types of materials that they are made out of. For example, you should always look for a jewelry box that has a soft fabric lining inside. Soft linings will help to prevent damage to your gems, particularly if your jewelry box is accidentally dropped.


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