What to do When a Canon Printer Says Offline?

Canon is a popular Japanese industry known for manufacturing cameras, printers, and other imaging gadgets. The Canon printer devices are very robust and offer excellent print quality. These printers are available in various sizes and features depending on the requirements. You can use a Canon printer on several devices. New Canon printer models also provide wireless connectivity; you can easily connect the printer to any device directly. In network connection, the user can also share his Canon printer among several devices. But many times the Canon printer keeps going offline. Printers can go offline due to any hardware or connection errors.

Why does my Canon printer say offline?

Your Canon printer is offline because it can’t make connections to the PC or network. The error mainly appears in wireless printer connections, but it may appear due to several reasons.

  1. The printhead is not working
  2. The printer fuser get burned out
  3. Canon printer-related files are not working
  4. Some Canon printer functions are not running correctly
  5. Paper jamming
  6. The printer is unable to find the correct driver
  7. The network is protected with firewall
  8. Malware is interrupting Canon printer network connection

How do I get my Canon printer back online?

If the printer is offline Canon then you should inspect the printer setting, functions, and connection. Any error on the printer settings can lead to the error.

Restart the Canon printer

If you are wondering how to get my Canon printer online then start with a power restart. Your printer device can show issues when some of its functions are not working. This mainly happens when the user makes some immediate changes like sending a scan request in the middle of printing. Sometimes the functions can respond properly and Canon printer offline status appears. You have to power restart your Canon device. When the Canon printer is on, remove the power cord. Now wait for 5 seconds and then reconnect the power cable. The Canon printer will start automatically. All the printer services will start from the beginning. Now reconnect the printer and check for the Canon printer offline Windows 10 error.

Run a printer troubleshooter

When my canon printer is offline, running the printer troubleshooter tool can be helpful. The printer may show errors when the related files are not working properly on the PC. When the printer shows offline status, open the Update and Security tab. Click on Troubleshooter and select the Printer option. Now click on the Run button and the printer troubleshooter tool will start inspecting all the printer-related files on the computer. If any file is not working, the troubleshooter will immediately fix it. After fixing, you will see a troubleshooter report on the screen. If the printer error gets repaired, try to take your printout.

Check the connection

Your printer shows an error when the printer cable is faulty. If you are using a cable to connect the printer to the PC, check the cable for any damage. Many times, the cable gets loose and starts showing errors. Also, try to connect the cable using another USB port. If the cable is faulty then you should get a new cable for the printer. Why is my Canon printer offline? Your printer can be offline due to router issues. For a wireless connection, users often connect the printer to the router. For direct connection, you need a WPS pin. If the printer is not working then restart the WPS button. Again, search for the network and connect the Canon device to the correct network. Use a password-secured network to assure that your Canon device is connected to the correct network. 

Inspect the printhead and fuser

When the Canon printer showing offline status, check its printhead and fuser. If the printhead is not working correctly then try to clean it. The head shows issues in moving properly when it gets clogged with the dried ink. You can run the Canon printer utility tool to clean the head. Otherwise, you can also clean the printer’s head manually. After cleaning, retry to run your Canon printer. The printer fuser stops working when it gets overheated. This mainly occurs when the user is taking lots of printouts simultaneously. Shut down the printer for a while and restart it when the fuser cools down. If the fuser is completely burnt out then you have to replace it. 

Check the Canon printer driver

A Canon printer requires a driver to communicate with the PC. If you are thinking about how to get Canon printer online then check for its driver. The printer driver shows an error when it gets outdated. Go to the drivers’ folder on the PC and search for the Canon printer driver. Click on the driver and hit on the Update button. If the new update for the driver is available then it will start installing on the computer. After the update, try to run the Canon printer. If the printer driver is corrupted then use a driver repair tool. It will inspect the driver’s files and repair them. The user can also reinstall the Canon printer driver on his device. Remove the corrupted driver from the PC. Open the Canon website and install the related driver on the computer. Reconnect the Canon printer and now check for the printer status. 

Disable the network’s firewall

The offline error can occur when the user has connected the printer device to the network. In network, why is my printer offline Canon? To fix this error, you should inspect the firewall of the network. You use a firewall on the network to check the incoming traffic. Whenever any harmful data packet arrives, the firewall immediately blocks them. Many times, the firewall also blocks the connection requests. When the printer sends a connection request; the firewall blocks it. To fix the error, the user has to disable the firewall. After disabling, the user should resend the connection request. Now the printer will get connected to the network without any restrictions. After the printer connection, the user can easily take printouts with his Canon printer.

Ask for professional help

If you are unable to troubleshoot your Canon printer offline error then you should ask for help. Contact the Canon printer troubleshooting team. The team will inspect the error and provide the solutions instantly. 

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