How to Fix a Canon Printer Error Code b203 Manually?

Canon is a multinational industry headquartered in Tokyo Japan famous for manufacturing imaging and optical devices. One of the top Canon products is a Canon printer. Canon provides top models of printer. You can easily find a printer for home users as well for business work. Canon provides devices from inkjet to multipurpose printers at very good prices. The only problem related to the Canon printer is that you may encounter some errors while working. Most of the Canon printers occur due to some internal errors but there can be many other issues also which can after your printing process. One of the common errors you may encounter while using Canon is Canon Printer MG7520 Error Code B203. This error often occurs due to damaged printhead or recent changes. But there can be various other issues that can encounter Canon Error Code B203.

What does Canon Error Code B203 mean?

Canon Printer B203 error is a kind of printing error that likely occurs due to minor issues in your printer device such as paper jams, empty cartridge, etc.

How to fix the Canon MG5670 B203 error?

Firstly, you have to search for the basic cause of this problem. Check your cartridge that it is properly installed or not. If you are using a wireless printer then ensure that your router is working properly. Check the ink level in your ink cartridge; low ink level can also encounter this error.

Try the solutions mentioned below:

Inspect the installed Canon driver

If your Canon printer is showing error code B203 then you need to check for the installed. Every Canon printer model has a different driver. If you are using a new printer then make sure you have installed its driver. Sometimes, the user adds a new printer but forgets to install the driver. You should go to the drivers’ folder and check for the Canon driver. Open the drivers’ list and you will search for the printer driver. Check the name of your printer driver. If you have the wrong driver then uninstall it from the device. Right-click on it and tap on the Uninstall button. Restart the device and visit the Canon website. Now search for the correct printer driver. Check the Canon printer model and download the driver. Install the driver on your device and then reconnect the printer. Your printer will take a few seconds to recognize the driver. The Canon printer will show Ready to Use status and now you can easily take your printouts.

Reconnect your Canon printer to the router

People often get B203 error codes in Canon printers while connecting to Wi-Fi. The error can appear when the WPS pin is not working correctly. You should try restarting the router. Go to the router and restart it. Now check the Canon printer and restart the Wi-Fi button. Printer’s Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking. The lamp will blink and the printer will search for available networks. Go to the printer screen and you will see a list of available networks. Click on the correct network and hit the Confirm button. A password wizard will appear, enter the password. After connecting the printer to the router, go to the PC connected to the same network. Send a print job and take printouts with your Canon device.

Disable the firewall

Some users reported that the printer is working correctly while printing but showing an error code while scanning on Wi-Fi. This error mostly appears when the network is secured with a firewall. This firewall protects the network from all unnecessary connections and threats. When you try to connect a new printer to the network, the firewall won’t recognize it and restricts the connection. To fix the connection error, you need to disable the firewall temporarily. Go to your PC and disable the firewall. Now retry to connect the printer to the network. If you use a printer often then you should add the printer to the Trusted Devices list. Once you add the Canon printer to that list, your firewall won’t restrict the connection.

Check for printer fuser

You can also get a B203 error code when the printer’s fuser gets overheated. Your printer uses heat and pressure to fuse the ink to the paper. When the user takes a lot of printouts simultaneously, the fuser often gets overheated. The printer shutdowns the printing process and shows an error code. You should wait until the fuser cools down otherwise it may burn and then you have to replace it. Shut down the printer for 20 minutes and then restart it. Your printer will work correctly once the fuser cools down.

Check you cartridge

You can also face this kind of issue if your cartridge is misaligned. The printer device needs to be clean from time to time and your ink cartridge may get misaligned while installing it back. In that case, you may have to deal with this error. Take out your cartridge and put it back properly. Now check whether you can print or not. If you are still getting the same error then contact Canon Support Code B203 can be very helpful.

Update your printer driver

The outdated printer driver can be a root cause of this error. You should update your printer driver from time to time. Follow the steps for updating your printer driver:

  1. Hit the Windows button and R button from your keyboard simultaneously
  2. A run dialog box will appear on your device
  3. Type devmgmt.msc
  4. Press the Enter button
  5. Device manager page will appear on your screen
  6. Search for Printer Driver
  7. Right-click on printer driver
  8. A pop-up will appear on the screen
  9. Tap the update driver button
  10. Your printer driver will start updating
  11. After updating your drivers; restart your device

Now try to print from your Canon device; if you are unable to take a print then get help from Canon Pixma MG6620 Support Code B203.

Refill your ink cartridge

Canon Printer Error Code B203 can also occur when the ink cartridge gets empty. All the ink tanks may get empty but most of the cases only one or two ink tanks get empty which you use often. So, open your ink cartridge and refill the ink cartridges. Otherwise, contact Canon Printer Support Code B203 for fixing your queries.

If you are using wireless connection then the bad network can be a possible cause of this error. Try to reconnect and establish a good connection for printing.

Restarting Printer forcefully can may fix Canon B203 error

Many times any runtime error occurs which can lead to Canon issues. So, restarting the printers forcefully can be a potent solution for your error. But use this method only once. If you restart your printer directly by disconnecting the power cord; it can harm your printer.

  1. Turn of the Canon printer
  2. Now disconnect the power cord from the electricity source
  3. Now press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds
  4. Attach your power code on the wall outlet and connect another side to your printer

Now power on both the device and try to give the print command. Check whether your Canon printer error B203 gets resolved or not. If your printer is showing the same error then you should try other solutions.

Check for bad network connection

Bad network connection error mostly appears on a wireless connection. If your Canon printer is connected with a wireless connection like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi then you should place your printer near to your device. Check whether Bluetooth ports of both the devices are working fine or not. The weak connection can lead to Canon error B203 so ensure that both of the connection ports are working fine. If you are suspecting an error on the wireless connectivity port then you should try connecting your printer via USB cable. You should always use a high-speed USB for your printer device. Now give the print command from your computer/ phone and check whether your printer is taking the command or not. If not then you should go for Canon Printer Support Code B203. The technical team will examine your issue and will provide better solutions.

Check for Paper jam

Paper jam occurs when a paper chunk is stuck inside the Canon printer. Paper jam can also occur when your printer draws multiple papers from the tray. The paper jam errors don’t appear in the latest Canon printers but if you are using an old Canon printer then you will see paper jam multiple times in a day. Sometimes paper jam can also lead to various printer error codes. Fixing the paper jam can also resolve your error. Open the front lid of your Canon printer and take out all the paper chunks. Now clean the printer carefully and reconnect it with the device and power source. Give the print command and check whether the Canon B203 error fix or not.

Use Windows troubleshooter

If your printer is showing you errors due to some internal issue then using Windows troubleshooter can help to fix the error. This is an inbuilt tool for Windows devices. If you are getting any error while taking a printout then this tool will appear on the screen automatically. If it doesn’t appear automatically then you can easily find it by typing troubleshoot in the search bar. Now you only have to follow the on-screen wizards for troubleshooting the error. But if you are still getting the error then contact Canon Support Code B203 and get the reliable help.

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