Why Does Yahoo Mail Keep Stopping on My Device?



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Yahoo mail is an email service that becomes one of the favorite mail servers of netizens. The services and emoticons of Yahoo and highly appreciated by the users. You can easily use Yahoo mail on your Windows device, Android as well as Mac and iOS devices. But recently many users reported that Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Android devices. There can be many possible causes that can lead to the Yahoo Mail App won’t open issue.

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Here are some solutions which can help in Yahoo Mail App Troubleshooting:

Application issue

My Yahoo App Keeps Crashing

If your Yahoo application keeps crashing from time to time then check whether your Yahoo mail is updated or not. Outdated applications tend to freeze. The other solution can be removing all junk and unnecessary data from your device. This will increase the disk space on your Android phone. Freed your RAM and restart your device. If your Yahoo is still getting the same error then uninstall and reinstall it. Some users also reported that they are unable to access several Yahoo mail features. Well, there are some Yahoo features which can only be accessed on a desktop device such as View full email headers, block email addresses, create vacation responses, etc. If you want to access these features then you have to login to your Yahoo mail on a desktop device.

Other possible reasons for Yahoo Mail Crash error:

Before finding the solution you should search for the root cause of this error. Check whether the Yahoo Keeps Crashing on Chrome or you are facing the same problem with Yahoo application also. If the application is working properly then it’s clear that your Chrome is restricting Yahoo mail. Update your Chrome to its latest version and then try to access Yahoo.

Malware attacks can also result in Apple Mail Keeps Crashing error. Apple devices indeed have a good defense system against malware but today malware attacks are becoming more and more dangerous. If Mail keeps crashing on Mac device then you should provide a powerful scan to the system. Then restart your device and try to launch your Yahoo mail.

If the Windows Mail keeps crashing then you should check your privacy settings. As you know, Windows have gigantic privacy settings. One of the main features which can affect mail application is Calendar. If the Windows gets issues in accessing Calendar then the Email App Keeps Stopping from time to time. So, ensure that you have configured your privacy settings correctly. Go to Settings App and then click on Calendar on the lefts side of the page. Check the Lets Apps Access my Calendar button. This will surely fix Mail App Crashing in Windows 10 devices. After changing the setting restart your device and check whether the setting gets revert or not. Now try to access your Yahoo mail. If your Yahoo is outdated then getting this error is quite natural. Update your Yahoo mail to the latest version and access this mail service reliably.

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You can also visit direct Yahoo website www.yahoo-mailsupport.com to complete your setup or call at 1-844-313-6006.


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