Why Does Yahoo Mail Keep Stopping on My Device?

Yahoo mail is an email service that becomes one of the favorite mail servers of netizens. The services and emoticons of Yahoo and highly appreciated by the users. You can easily use Yahoo mail on your Windows device, Android as well as Mac and iOS devices. But recently many users reported that Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Android devices. There can be many possible causes that can lead to the Yahoo Mail App won’t open issue.

Here are some solutions which can help in Yahoo Mail App Troubleshooting:

Application issue

My Yahoo App Keeps Crashing

If your Yahoo application keeps crashing from time to time then check whether your Yahoo mail is updated or not. Outdated applications tend to freeze. The other solution can be removing all junk and unnecessary data from your device. This will increase the disk space on your Android phone. Freed your RAM and restart your device. If your Yahoo is still getting the same error then uninstall and reinstall it. Some users also reported that they are unable to access several Yahoo mail features. Well, there are some Yahoo features which can only be accessed on a desktop device such as View full email headers, block email addresses, create vacation responses, etc. If you want to access these features then you have to login to your Yahoo mail on a desktop device.

Other possible reasons for Yahoo Mail Crash error:

Before finding the solution you should search for the root cause of this error. Check whether the Yahoo Keeps Crashing on Chrome or you are facing the same problem with Yahoo application also. If the application is working properly then it’s clear that your Chrome is restricting Yahoo mail. Update your Chrome to its latest version and then try to access Yahoo.

Malware attacks can also result in Apple Mail Keeps Crashing error. Apple devices indeed have a good defense system against malware but today malware attacks are becoming more and more dangerous. If Mail keeps crashing on Mac device then you should provide a powerful scan to the system. Then restart your device and try to launch your Yahoo mail.

If the Windows Mail keeps crashing then you should check your privacy settings. As you know, Windows have gigantic privacy settings. One of the main features which can affect mail application is Calendar. If the Windows gets issues in accessing Calendar then the Email App Keeps Stopping from time to time. So, ensure that you have configured your privacy settings correctly. Go to Settings App and then click on Calendar on the lefts side of the page. Check the Lets Apps Access my Calendar button. This will surely fix Mail App Crashing in Windows 10 devices. After changing the setting restart your device and check whether the setting gets revert or not. Now try to access your Yahoo mail. If your Yahoo is outdated then getting this error is quite natural. Update your Yahoo mail to the latest version and access this mail service reliably.

Check your Yahoo setup configuration

When the Yahoo mail keeps crashing, you should check the IMAP and POP configuration. Yahoo can start showing errors when the user has changed the configuration. Go to your Yahoo settings and then check for the Yahoo mail IMAP and POP configuration. Inspect the port number, security, and other details. If you can’t set the details then reset them to default. After setting the configuration, reopen your Yahoo and try to use it.

Disable the firewall on your device

If the Yahoo mail keeps stopping then check the firewall on your system. A firewall is used to prevent harmful incoming data on the network. But your firewall can also stop the Yahoo data sometimes. If the Yahoo mail app won t open on your system then try disabling the firewall. After disabling it, log in into your Yahoo mail. If the mail app crashing then you should check for other solutions. Go to the firewall and enable it. The error on your Yahoo is occurring due to some other reasons.

Logout your Yahoo mail on other systems

When the mail app crashing windows 10 then you should check the other devices. This kind of issue with Yahoo can occur when the user has logged in Yahoo email account on different devices. While using the Yahoo mail on one device; it may show a Yahoo mail crash error on another system. If the Yahoo mail is now working on your Windows 10 system then try logging out of the account on other systems. Check the VPN on your system. If you have set the VPN to another location and then you are trying to open Yahoo mail; you may face issues. When Yahoo suspects that your mail is logged in from two different geolocation; it marks it as suspicious and blocks the account temporarily. Disable the VPN on the system and then try to use Yahoo mail.

Run antivirus scan

The apple mail keeps crashing when your device has malware. Viruses and other malware like Trojan Horses can interrupt your mail. When the Yahoo mail app crashing, you should check for the malware on your system. You can’t detect them manually, use antivirus for this job. Run a full system scan with a premium antivirus which can remove all types of malware threats from the system. After scanning, restart the system and now login to Yahoo mail.

Common issues that stop can Yahoo mail

Yahoo sign-in error

When Yahoo mail is not working, you should check for sign-in. The error appears due to blocked login attempts, lost passwords, and saved bookmarks. If your Yahoo mail is not logging-in or working then you should try resetting your Yahoo mail. You can easily reset your password if you have a registered phone number. Go to Yahoo and enter your email address. Tap on the Forget Password button and you will see 3 options. Choose Reset password using the Phone Number option. You will receive an OTP on the registered phone number. Enter the OTP and the password reset page will appear. Enter a new password for your Yahoo account. Now re-enter the password and tap on the Confirm button. After confirmation, log in to your Yahoo account and check for the error. Some users reported that the sign-in page keeps reappearing. If you are facing the same error then clear your cache or log in to Yahoo on another browser. 

Yahoo account is blocked

This is very common when you have multiple failed login attempts. Sometimes, the user forgets the credentials of the Yahoo account and enters the wrong password multiple times. Yahoo blocks the account for security purposes. Instead of making login attempts, you need to wait. Yahoo usually blocks the account temporarily for 12 hours. Wait for 12 hours and then try to log in to your Yahoo account. If you are still facing login issues then you should talk to Yahoo technical team.

Yahoo is down

Many Yahoo users face this error when they are unable to visit Yahoo. This error mainly appears when the internet is very slow. Before searching for other solutions, check your internet connection. If the connection is very poor; you should wait until the connection gets well or you can connect the device to another network. Sometimes Yahoo gets issues due to Cache. Go to the browser and remove all cache. If you are facing down errors in Yahoo often then you should check for the browser update. Unsupported browsers can be a reason behind your Yahoo issues. Go to your browser and tap on the Update button. Install the latest update and restart your browser. Now search for Yahoo and check for errors.

Yahoo mail keeps stopping in Android device

Using Yahoo mail on a phone device is very handy and you can use the Yahoo mail app and check your emails directly. But sometimes, Yahoo shows issues on Android devices. Users reported that they can access Yahoo mail on the browser but are unable to open mail on the Yahoo app. This error appears when the Yahoo mail app is outdated. On your phone, go to the Play Store and click on your Profile (photo). Choose Manage apps and devices. On Overview, click on the Update available option. Choose Yahoo from the list and hit the Update button. Wait until your app gets updated. Now reopen your Yahoo mail app and now check for issues. If your Yahoo mail application is still showing an error then you should talk to the Yahoo mail technical team and troubleshoot your queries.

Why does Yahoo mail keep stopping?

When Yahoo mail is crashing from time to time, you need to check for browser junk. The caches can interrupt Yahoo mail and show the error. You have to clear all the caches, history files from the web browser. Clean out the browser junk files and then update it to the latest version. Yahoo can show issues when the running browser is outdated. Don’t forget to clean the device junk. Your temporary files can also conflict with the Yahoo mail application. Delete temp files and all the system junk using the cleanmgr tool. After using all the possible methods, if the Yahoo mail is still crashing then you should ask Yahoo technical team for help.


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