What is Norton Error 3035 6? How to Fix this Error?

Norton Security antivirus is one of the vast names for device and network security. If you are getting confused while buying a suitable antivirus plan for your device, then you should check Norton plans. Norton antivirus provides various antivirus suites which can help to protect your device. You have to pick the antivirus suite according to your device compatibility and usage. Norton antivirus plans offer the best plans for every kind of device.

What is Norton Error 3035?

Norton provides a robust interface which makes Norton one of the best antivirus suites, but people may face some runtime errors while using Norton antivirus. One of the very common errors reported by Norton users is Norton Error 3035 6. This is a Norton runtime error which mostly occurs while running some program. But you can also get this error during installation or activation of any software. Whenever you get this error; fix it immediately before you have to face any loss.

Common symptoms of Norton Error 3035 6

  • If you are getting this error due to conflict with another program then you will get a Norton Error 3035 popup message while installing or activating that program.
  • You will get the same error every time you run that program.
  • When you get this error; all running program gets freeze and error message will get displayed on the screen.
  • Your device may face frequent shutdowns.

What are the causes of Norton Error 3035?

Runtime errors mostly occur when there are some mistakes in program files. Your registry files can be a massive cause of getting your antivirus into this error. Some people mistakenly deleted the Norton related files and then have to face this error. A conflicting program can also get you into this error.

How to fix Norton Error 3035 6?

Junk files like device cache, temporary files etc. can also get you into runtime errors. The basic and one of the common ways for fixing runtime error is removing junk from the device. If your device is getting antivirus issues, then you can easily remove the junk by using the cleanup tool. Follow the given steps for removing junk with Windows Disk Cleanup:

  1. Go to the startup menu
  2. Type command in the search bar
  3. Hit the enter button
  4. Press yes in the dialog box
  5. Type cleanmgr in the command prompt
  6. Tap the enter button
  7. Your tool will start calculating the junk files and other files which can be deleted from the disk.
  8. Wait for completing the scanning process
  9. You will get a list of various items on the screen
  10. Choose the items like temporary files, caches, cookies etc. from the list.
  11. Hit the OK button

All the junk files will get removed from your device. Now check whether Norton Error 3035 6 is get fixed or not. If not then try other methods like repairing registry files, restoring the system, using file checker tool, and reinstalling Norton antivirus in your device.

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