How to Troubleshoot Yahoo Email Error Code 550?

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular and well-known email services. Yahoo gains its popularity because it provides multiple plans; it provides three plans for personal use and one for business. Yahoo is a reliable and robust email service but still, you can face a few errors while using these mail services. One of the common errors people often encounter is Error 550. This error is a type of SMTP error in which the user faces troubles while sending the email. The sender sends the email nut the issue creates on outgoing email and then fails to get delivered. If you are getting Mail Error 550 then you should not try to send the emails.

Ways to keep yourself safe from Mail Error 550:

The very first thing you should do is to clear the spam script infection. But clearing the infection is not enough because it can occur again. So, you should block the spam infection to prevent reoccurrence.

As you know, spam scripts often try to get connected with the remote SMTP servers. You can use firewalls that can block all the direct SMTP connections and ensure that all scripts should send mails via the mail server. You can also enable the web application firewall which can prevent spam scripts and bots.

Most of us get usually send 30-40 emails per hour. If you set the limit to 50 mails per hour then the spammer won’t get the chance to send more emails. The email will get into the queue and then we can easily delete the mail from the queue.

Scan the file upload to ensure that every spam is prune so you don’t worry about any kind of harm. You can set up an anti-spam system so all the outgoing emails get scan; if you find any spam then it should be immediately get blocked.

Common causes of SMTP Error Codes 550:

• The email address you have entered is invalid
• Your IP address gets blocked
• Your SMTP connection is not correct
• Getting issues with email address authentication check
• You are trying to send invalid content

Symptoms of Yahoo Mail Error Codes:

• You will unable to access your Yahoo email account
• Unable to send email to any particular email address
• You will get the same error after regular intervals

How to fix Error 550 Email?

One of the easiest ways to fixing this error is by using DNS blacklists. This feature helps to keep spammers away from your Yahoo email account. But ensure that your anti-spam settings should be correctly configured. Otherwise, it will reject all the incoming emails.

Check the internet connection

Yahoo error 550 can occur when the internet connection on your system is not smooth. Many users reported that they can open other web pages but Yahoo is not working. This error appears when the speed of your internet connection is not stable. Yahoo requires a smooth connection to work. Some people get the Yahoo 550 error when they are using public Wi-Fi. Due to an insecure internet connection, Yahoo restricts the incoming traffic for security and shows the error message. Connect the device with a personal internet connection and then try to open your Yahoo mail.

Check the email address

When you are getting the email error code 550 while sending a mail; you should check the email address. This error can occur when you are entering an invalid email address. You have to check the address carefully and then type it. If you are not sure about the email address then contact the recipient via phone or another medium and ask for the email address again. Now type the address and then try to send the mail.

Check your block list

You can get Yahoo error codes while sending a mail when you have added the address to the block list. Yahoo provides a block list to the user. When you don’t want to receive or send mail to a particular address, you can add it to the block list. After adding, you won’t receive any mail from that email address. When you get the error, check your block list and unblock the address. Now you can easily send the mail without any error codes.

Check the Yahoo IMAP and POP configuration

If you are getting SMTP error codes 550 while using Yahoo mail then you need to check the configuration of your Yahoo mail. Go to the IMAP settings and check the incoming server (IMAP) for the port number and SSL. Now check the outgoing server (SMTP) for server, port, SSL, and authentication. Now you have to check the POP settings. Go to the incoming mail and check the port, server and SSL. For the SMTP inspect the server, port, SSL, TLS, and authentication. If you see any invalid data then fix them immediately. Now, re-login your Yahoo email account and check for the error.

How to fix error 550 emails?

The Yahoo email error 550 can appear due to various reasons. You have to check for every possible reason behind the error and then fix it. You can also get into 550 errors when you have opened your account on another device. You can use the email on multiple devices but sometimes Yahoo suspects it as malicious activity. When the user connects the device with a VPN and then tries to open the mail then you may get an error. The device will show different locations and Yahoo may suspect it as hacking and block your Yahoo mail account temporarily. Disable the VPN on your system and then again open your Yahoo account. Logout the account on other devices and check whether your Yahoo account is now working or not.

If your mail gets listed in the DNS blacklist then most of your email will get a bounce. You will face issues while receiving emails from Hotmail, Google, etc. So, check if your IP gets listed on a blacklist. If yes, it means someone is exploiting the web application vulnerability and trying to upload the spam script. It can also occur when someone gets your credentials and now sending spam messages from your account. Change your credentials immediately.

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