How to Troubleshoot Samsung Printer Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi Error?

Samsung Inc. is one of the largest IT and electronics companies headquartered in Samsung Town Seoul, South Korea. Samsung is globally known for its advanced and attractive Smartphones. Along with the smartphones, Samsung manufactures various other electronic devices like desktop PC, laptops, printers, refrigerators, washing machines etc. Samsung manufactures a good range of printer devices. You can easily find a good printer type on your budget. Samsung manufactures inkjet, laser, black and white, colored, multi-functional and all kinds of printer devices. Samsung printer wireless setup is also very simple. Once you set your printer then you can easily take printouts from any corner of your room.

How do I connect my Samsung wireless printer?

Before you start for the setup, you should check a few things. Inspect your printer to ensure that your Samsung printer is capable of wireless printing. If you are not sure then you can read the manual which you have received with your printer. Your PC and printer should be connected to the same wireless network environment. Make sure you have installed the Samsung Printer Diagnostics application on the PC. If you are unable to find its setup on the device then check the Samsung Diagnostics Installation and Function for the guide.

How do I connect my Samsung printer to Wi-Fi?

  1. Open your PC and visit Samsung Printer Diagnostics
  2. Choose Setting up Wireless Printing
  3. A prompt will appear on the screen
  4. Turn on your printer
  5. Now choose your printer from the list

The Samsung Printer Diagnostics tool will start checking whether your printer supports wireless functionality or not. Wait until you get the next screen. A wizard will appear on your screen. Click on Select a wireless printer option. Now press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button from the printer control panel. Wait until you see the on-screen instructions. Follow the on-screen instructions for completing the setup. Once complete, give a print command from your PC to ensure that Samsung Wi-Fi printer is working.

How to Fix Samsung Wireless Printer Won’t Connect Issue?

After completing the Samsung Printer Wi-Fi setup, if you are still unable to find your printer while giving the print command then use the USB cable for troubleshooting your error. While setting up the printer, if you get a popup asking to connect a USB cable then click on the wizard and then connect your PC and printer with a USB cable. Now you will get a pop-screen asking for connectivity. Choose a wireless network on the screen. You will get Wireless Security credentials on the screen. If your wireless security network is WEP then hit the Next button. Hit the Next button and enter the credentials. Wait until the connection complete screen appears. Once complete, you will get a confirmation message on your screen. But if you get the Samsung Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi message then you should seek other solutions.

Check whether other hardware is working or not

You can also get the connectivity error when the Wi-Fi of your PC is not working. Whenever you get the printer wireless connectivity error then you should immediately connect your computer with your other Wi-Fi device like your smartphone. If you can connect the phone with the PC then the issue is with your printer. But if you are unable to connect any device with your PC via Wi-Fi then you should check the Wi-Fi driver of your PC.

Inspect whether your Samsung Printer is detected or not

Samsung Wireless Printer not connecting error mostly appears on Windows 10. You can follow the given steps to check your Samsung printer:

  1. Close all running programs
  2. Go to the Start menu
  3. Navigate to settings
  4. Choose the Devices option
  5. Go to Printers & Scanners
  6. Now check the list of all the printers
  7. If you are unable to find your printer then click on Add a Printer option
  8. Wait until your printer name appears

If you are unable to find your printer then click on Unable to find my printer option. Hit the Help button and follow the onscreen commands for searching your printer. You can also get this type of error due to your antivirus. Disable your antivirus temporarily and check whether your wireless printer is connecting with the PC or not. If you are still unable to connect your Samsung Wi-Fi printer then you should ask the technical team for help.

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