How to Troubleshoot Internet Explorer Not Working Issue?

If you are using Internet Explorer on your PC then you must have seen various issues from time to time. You start watching a movie and your browser dies without any obvious cause. Then it shows checking for a solution pop-up but nothing happens. So, you should probably seek another solution. Some of the common reasons for Internet Explorer 11 not working can be an outdated video driver. Sometimes the program files create conflict with IE files. Malware attacks on your PC can also affect IE and other software of your computer. If your IE is not working properly then scan your PC with a reliable antivirus. It can remove all the threats from the system and then you can easily use the IE browser.

My website is not working in Internet explorer

If your internet browser is not supporting your website then close the browser and restart it. Now again try to open the website. If the browser is still providing you the same error then try resetting it. Here are the steps to fix corrupted IE 11:

  1. Open your device and navigate to start button
  2. Go to Control panel and select Network and Internet
  • Now choose Internet Options
  1. In the advanced tab, hit the Reset button
  2. Now check Delete Personal Setting box and hit the reset button

While resetting the IE, make sure you have un-checked the use software rendering instead of GPU rendering box. After resetting your IE, restart your PC and check if you are still getting the website not responding Internet Explorer error. Before looking for another solution, make sure you are accessing a secure site. If your website is not secure then the firewall will block the network. Disable your firewall and antivirus temporarily and then try to access the website.

How to fix IE 10 not responding error?

You can get not responding errors due to several reasons. Weak or unstable internet access can be a potential reason for this error. Check your internet speed; if you are using Wi-Fi then keep the router near to your PC. Try switching your network to a wired connection. Updating graphics drivers or disabling software rendering can help fix this error. You can update the device drivers directly from the device manager. Search for the taskbar and enter device manager. Now from the device manager tab, choose the drivers you want to update. Choose Search automatically for updated driver software. Click on update driver. Follow the given steps for disabling software rendering:

  1. Open your device and go to IE
  2. Navigate to Tools menu
  • Choose Internet Options
  1. Now click on advanced tab
  2. Go to accelerated graphics
  3. Uncheck the Use software rendering instead of GPU option
  • Click on OK button

Now try to use Internet explorer. In case you are still facing the same error then try other solutions.


How to fix issues with Internet Explorer?

If your IE is giving you various issues like frequent freezes, crashes, or unable to run then you should the error immediately. Any program file or any kind of error can get you into multiple troubles. Here are some methods for fixing Internet Explorer issues:

Disable IE add-ons

Add-ons are the extensions that allow some special functionality to the browser. Most of the internet browser supports various add-ons to increase their performance. But sometimes add-ons (faulty one) start conflicting with your internet browser and other add-ons. You must disable the faulty add-on to work properly on IE. Here are the steps for disabling faulty add-on:

  1. Press Windows and R key from your keyboard simultaneously
  2. A Run box will appear on your screen
  • Type inetcpl.cpl
  1. Click on OK button
  2. Now click on Programs and go to Manage add-ons

A list of IE add-ons will appear on your screen. Now the problem is how to identify the faulty add-on. You have to manually check all the add-ons one by one. Go to the file and disable one add-on at a time. Now restart your PC and check whether your Internet Explorer is working or not. If not then again go the add-ons file and enable that add-on. Now repeat this process until you get the faulty add-on.

Try uninstalling toolbar

The functionality of toolbars in IE is similar to add-ons. Toolbars also add functionality and browser experience. But sometimes third part toolbars can create conflicts on the browser. Follow the given steps to uninstall toolbars in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open your PC and press Windows and R key simultaneously
  2. Type appwiz.cpl in the run pop-up and hit the enter button.
  • Now right-click on each toolbar and click on uninstall button
  1. Confirm pop-up will appear on the screen; click on yes button

Restart your PC and check if your Internet Explorer works or not. If not then reinstall all the toolbars and search for other solutions.

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