How to Reset HP Printer Password?

HP manufactures a wide range of printers for the home users as well as for the business enterprises. HP offers various types of wireless and multi-functional printers. Like other devices, network printers are also vulnerable to hacking. To prevent the printer device from hacking, you can secure your printer by using a password. Whenever any device tries to connect with your printer; it has to provide the correct credentials. If not entered, then your printer won’t connect with the device. This device provides the default HP printer password. You must reset HP printer default admin password to ensure that you can access your printer device. Whenever you install your HP printer on your device then immediately go for HP printer password reset and then try a test printout.

You can also seek assistance from your IT support if this installation is happening at your office. It’s the best advice to have people in charge in this kind of situation. Ask for recommendations from the experts from your IT department.

How do I reset my password on my HP Printer?

After installing the printer on your device, you can follow the given steps for reset the HP wireless printer password:

  1. Open your HP printer
  2. Go to the Home menu on your printer
  3. Click on the Setup button
  4. Hit the Network button
  5. Go to the drop-down menu
  6. Scroll down and then go Restore Network Defaults
  7. Hit the Restore Network Defaults button
  8. Now press the Next button
  9. The restoration process will take some time
  10. Wait for a while until your default setting get completely restored
  11. Now go to Control Panel
  12. Press Windows and R keys from the keyboard
  13. Go to the Control Panel
  14. Navigate to Devices and Printers
  15. Go to HP printer icon
  16. Right-click on wireless Hp printer option
  17. Hit the Properties button
  18. Tap the Password icon

Now enter the new password. Re-enter the password and then press the Save the Changes button. Now check whether the HP printer admin password reset process gets completed or not.

How to find your printer’s password?

You can find the password on the router. Whenever you use the internet service, the IPS provides a network password to you. You can find the password on your wireless router in your ISP. The password will be named as Wireless key, WPA2 password, security password, etc. Follow the steps for finding the password on your Windows device:

  1. Go to the wireless tray icon
  2. Right-click on the wireless network tray
  3. Press the Open Network and Sharing Center
  4. Hit the Change Adapter Settings
  5. Now right-click on the wireless network
  6. Go to the Status
  7. Hit on the Status button
  8. Select the Wireless Properties

Now tap the security tab and then choose Show characters and check the wireless network security key. If you are unable to see the password then contact the ISP.

How to reset password on a HP Printer?

You can reset your printer password multiple times. Whenever you inspect any hacking practice on the printer then you should immediately reset your HP printer password. Resetting your password once a month prevents your device from hacking issues. You can follow the steps mentioned below resetting the HP printer password:

  1. Go to the home screen of HP printer
  2. Now press the right arrow button
  3. Choose Setup option from the list
  4. Select Network submenu from the drop-down menu
  5. Click on Restore Network Defaults
  6. A confirmation box will appear on the screen
  7. Click on Yes button
  8. Now navigate to the Control Panel
  9. Go to the Devices and Printers
  10. A list of all the devices will appear on the screen
  11. Right-click on your HP printer icon
  12. Go to the Properties
  13. Click on the Password section
  14. A enter your password

Now enter the new password on the given box. Re-enter the password and then press the Save button. Check whether the default password for HP printer gets reset or not.

You may also get issues while resetting the password if your printer driver is outdated. Making any kind of changes in outdated drivers is very difficult. Go to the printer driver and check for the updates. If your driver is outdated then download the latest update from HP website. Search for the update of your printer model. If you are unable to find the exact update then you use the driver update tool. Check your device specifications and then install a compatible driver update tool. Now install and run the tool on your PC. Along with your printer driver, the driver update tool will update all the outdated drivers available on your PC. Now try to reset the password, if you are still facing issues then you should ask the HP printer technical team for help.

Resetting the HP printer to factory settings

When you forget the password of your printer device, covering it is impossible. Without the printer password, you can’t connect the printer to any device wirelessly. People set passwords to the HP printer for security purposes. When you don’t have a password, anyone can easily connect their device to the printer and take printouts without their knowledge. But when you set a password, only authentic people can use the printer. 

When you forget the password of your printer then you need to reset the printer to factory settings. After resetting it, you will get the inbuilt printer settings like size tray, language, etc. 

  1. Go to the HP printer and turn it off
  2. Now disconnect the cable for 10 seconds and reconnect it
  3. Turn on the printer and press & hold the Resume button until the Attention light flashes
  4. Now release the Resume button and the attention and ready lamp will start blinking until the printer restores the setting to default.

Creating a new password for the HP printer

After resetting the printer to factory settings, you have to reset a new password. You should immediately set a new password to prevent any security issues. 

  1. Turn on the HP printer and go to the home screen
  2. Click on the right arrow button and select the Setup option from the list
  3. Now choose the Network submenu from the drop-down menu
  4. Tap on Restore Network Defaults
  5. Hit on the Confirmation box and tap the Yes button
  6. Go to the Control Panel And click on Devices and Printers
  7. You will see a list of devices
  8. Choose your HP printer icon
  9. Tap on Properties
  10. Go to the Password Section
  11. Enter a password for your HP printer
  12. Re-enter the password for confirmation

After creating a new password, try connecting the printer to any device. Whenever you send a connection request to the printer; a password wizard will appear. Enter the correct password and you can easily take your printouts.

Resetting HP printer without password

If your HP printer is showing some error due to invalid settings then reset your printer. If you don’t know the password then try another method. For an HP printer factory reset without password, you have to restore the factory-set defaults. This reset won’t change the language, tray size, or page count. You can follow the given steps to reset the printer

  1. Go to your HP printer
  2. Shutdown the device
  3. Eject the power cord of your printer
  4. Wait for 30 seconds and reconnect it
  5. Press and hold the resume button for 10 seconds and turn on the printer
  6. HP printer’s attention light will start ON
  7. Release the Resume button
  8. Ready and attention lights will start blinking while restoring the factory settings.

After resetting the HP printer, you have to reconfigure the printer to your PC or network. Now your HP printer doesn’t have any password so you can use the default password for connecting the printer. Once you connect the printer, don’t forget to change the password. Now open a document on your PC. Give a print command and select your HP printer. Now check the printer status. Add pages to your printer and take your printouts easily.

Reset HP printer for “Out of Paper” error

Your printer shows an Out of Paper error when the input tray gets empty. You have to put pages on the tray for taking printouts. But sometimes the printer shows the error even when there are plenty of sheets in the input tray. This error mainly appears when the user refills pages in the empty tray but the printer is unable to acknowledge new pages. To fix the problem, you need to reset it. When your HP printer is ON, eject its power cord. Now wait for about 15 seconds and reconnect the power cord to the printer. Your HP printer must restart automatically. When you power restarts the HP printer all the printer services start running from the beginning. Now the printer will recognize the pages on the input tray. Take a test print from your HP printer to check the error. Press & hold the Power button of the HP printer and then press the Cancel button. The attention lamp of the printer will flash. Now release the Cancel button and Power button. Your printer will take a test printout. You can check the printer and connection status on your test printout.

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